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  1. I have not had experience with the HOB you are using. How do you like it? I have a combination of HOB, Canister and sponge filters on my Salt and Fresh tanks.
  2. I struggled with some algae in my Nuvo 10 Gallon. I did some reading on vodka (carbon) dosing. I ended up trying it. My problem went away after just 3 doses of 1ml. Started to creep back in about a week later. Dosed 1 more time and haven't dosed again. Nitrates dropped from 20 to zero after first round and remain at zero now. There's several nice posts on Reef2Reef about the process. On another note...I love your tank and thread. That's why I'm following!
  3. I have the Tuna Blue 23w over a 10 gallon and it's almost too much. So, I second the 12w over anything less than a square foot of tank space.
  4. OMG. Dude is a genius! And, is obviously single. Way too much time on his hands.
  5. MY DIY gene is kicking in again. Been thinking of how I create something small like the Mighty Tank, but better. Their light is on point though when it comes to functionality.
  6. I thought about getting one of those tanks...just for kicks. But, not after seeing the creep. Also, I think the price is a touch high.
  7. I considered cutting the plug off, feeding the narrower wire through and then putting a new plug on the end. That way, hole could be pretty small.
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