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  1. I just started the exact same tank as you have. Hoping to learn from fellow reefers on what I should do sincerely I’m a beginner. Good luck man
  2. Does anyone have a filter sock still on your tank? I’m starting up my Nuvo as a beginner and I’ve got a filter sock and Chemi Pure Blue? Will that be sufficient for now?
  3. That’s a lot, but I guess that’s what it takes to run a successful reef tank. I’ll try to do so thanks 🙂
  4. Could you explain that again if you don’t mind, I’m a beginner and I’m quite confused ☠️
  5. My tanks currently cycling but I plan on having 2 clownfish some snails and a lot of corals over time. Do you think a 10% water change every week would be sufficient? Or do I need to do more? I only have chemi pure packets and a filter sock for filtration
  6. What do you guys have for your flow for the tank? A long with the return pump flow I have a 240 gph Hydor Koralia Powerhead. Would this be too much flow for the 10 gallon tank? I don’t know how the corals would react once I start streaks cling the tank
  7. How did you manage to successfully keep so many fish in a 10 gallon tank? Everywhere I’ve looked, they recommend 2-3?
  8. Do you have some sort or marker in the return pump chamber to see where you have to top it off to? It’s dark back there and j can’t see much
  9. So I should just top off only once a day? Even though that water evaporates very quickly? Would you also also invest in an Auto Top Off system?
  10. Hey everyone, back with another question so I noticed in my return pump chamber, the water is evaporating a lot. Is this normal or is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of water that evaporates. I was checking to make sure and 2 CM evaporate in 4 hours. Anyone have this issue?
  11. I thought that would be good, but the only place I can track the evaporation is in the return pump chamber and tahts in the back where I can’t see it
  12. Sorry for the constant questions but I just wanna be safe. How would you go about tracking the loss of water so I can top it off?
  13. It seems as if when the water evaporates, I won’t see it in the display area is that true? Do I have to track the chamber with the return pump when topping off my water?
  14. Yup, my dumbass realized bro that after I posted this 🤦‍♂️
  15. Hello everyone, so i started cycling my tank roughly 2 days ago and I realized the water I used to mix my saltwater wasn’t RO/DI or Distilled. It was just filtered Nestle Water. I want to completely remove all the Water in the tank and replace it with Saltwater o get from my local fish store. I just wanna make sure it’s okay if I do that, meaning nothing will go wrong? Will there still be salt left in the sand that might raise the salinity when I add the new water? I’m just cautious on if I can do such a thing or not. Let me know if you’ve ever done a 100% water change or have any ideas
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