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  1. Mros


    I have it close to the near a corner right now. Its weird though because sometimes it's fully extended and happy then it'll just all a sudden close up for a whole day.
  2. I got this algae in 2 spots, it's not spreading it just keeps growing longer
  3. Mros

    Dragonface pipe fish

    Newest addition
  4. They seem to be getting longer, but not bothering anything. What are they? And should I leave them or remove them?
  5. I picked up a small piece of live rock with some blue mushrooms on it from my lfs and once I got it back home and acclimated I noticed this was on it as well. Does anyone know what this coral is?
  6. Mros

    Ruby red dragonet

    I just got him yesterday, I have a well established pod population in my tank as well as no other competition for them so I'm hoping for the best with that.
  7. Mros


    Well, I think I lucked out with the bryopsis. Only a few tiny patches left. All I did was cut the lighting down to 4 -5 hours a day and ran my protein skimmer. Next on the list is a nice big water change and the addition of a refugium.
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