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  1. I live in Albuquerque, and am looking for pulsing sinularia, preferably pink.
  2. Ok so I have absolutely fallen in love with palys and zoas and would love to see y'alls favorites! So far purple people eater palys are mine especially under the right lighting.
  3. Do you have the mount? I heard they were way too purple compared to the HD, is this true?
  4. It's actually overkill for a nuvo 10. The 150 is non dimmable
  5. Looking for an AI prime HD preferably with mount. I'm currently running a kessil a150w and it's way too strong for my 10.
  6. I'm looking for an IM fusion 10 screen top and a reefglass skimmer.
  7. Ok so i picked up a sea side aquatics media reactor for like $30 it's dimensions are 7.5in wide by 21in tall, so I'm looking at using this as a DIY chaeto reactor but don't quite know where to start. It's definitely large for my nuvo 10 but it will eventually be moved to my 20 tall. So my idea is to fill this with chaeto but have it be low flow so the chaeto has time to take up the nutrient like in a aquaponics system. Any recommendations on small pumps for the job? Don't want it to be too loud as the tank is in my living room. Also will copepods colonize it because it's such a large area?
  8. I'm looking at getting a pair of fish for my nuvo 10 (in the next few months). And I was wondering if I could throw in 2 flaming prawn gobies with a pistol shrimp or doing a flaming prawn/pistol combo with a helfrichi firefish. Any thoughts on this?
  9. You have been extremely helpful, so I guess I'll have to have a stinging centerpiece then. Any suggestions? I'm so used to planted tanks where plants just intertwine haha (I understand corals are animals and not plants). But that's what I find so interesting about coral keeping, they remind me of one big game of domination.
  10. Will they kill each other? And what do you mean by overgrow them"? Do they choke em out like weeds to grass? Can I just prune them back? I plan on having zoas on the sand(I wanna try doing a nice carpet of different zoas haha) do I need to worry about the xenias over taking them?
  11. So I can put purple, white and pink together? Also will Xenia kill other corals like bird'snest or zoas? I wanted to put a bird'snest as the centerpiece and have mixed zoas on the sand.
  12. Ok so my tank is now cycle and I have begun adding corals. So far I have only added GSP on an isolated rock. But im curious if I can add other species to the same rock such as branching GSP and neon green GSP. As for Xenia, I'm looking at adding Pink pulsing xenia but would also like to add blue and white to the same rock. If not I'll mount pink Xenia to the back wall and doing some other coral like birds nest or frogspawn on the empty rock. Any suggestions are welcome. Equipment: - nuvo 10 - one eflux wavemaker - 50w heater - kessil a150w 5inches above the water - spin stream rotating nozzle - Filter sock - bag of carbon - salinity by aquavitro (water changes are every Friday) - using RODI water for water changes. (Getting ATO next month, so far I just keep track of my water level and top it off as needed) - will eventually run a chaeto reactor to strip extra nutrients between water changes.
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