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  1. Found this guy in my tank today wondering if it's okay to put back in
  2. White spot on my spotted mandarin slowly been getting bigger
  3. Oysters reproduce a lot easier and faster that's all
  4. So it should be removed so they don't take over the tank?
  5. I got two clams, they were on sale and I couldn't decided
  6. It does open but not very much also it reacts to light and movement. It closed due to the flash
  7. Got an Maxima clam on boxing day and there seems to be some sort of sps growing on the side of it. I'm wondering if it will harm the clam down the road or not.
  8. I purchased a Maxima clam on boxing day. There are two other things growing on the one side of it.One I believe is an oyster but am not sure, not sure on the other black thing.
  9. Large lps have a much harder time re-growing over dead skeleton. You can try removing the old skeleton or just wait it out. I'm not sure about the bristle worms I would only see them as a problem if the flesh was dieing they may go after it. As hermit carbs seem to love the dieing flesh of lps
  10. If I had to guess I would say your trace elements are off manly iodine. Have you done a water change since it started?
  11. Yeah I'm 100% sure they are filter feeders creabs. I'm sorry but it would take a lot for them to look anything like a barnacle not even sure why some would say that
  12. Just looking for information Yes they look the same from the same county to but no identification from what I can see
  13. They are the blue and black ovals that are threw out the frag .5mm-1mm in size
  14. Wondering what the crabs living in this Leptastrea are. The closes I can get are paguritta crabs but they still don't look the same. Any help would be nice. Thank you
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