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  1. Right now I have them running with an AI Prime, and I’m using a preset setting from their website. They come on at 10 AM and then reach their peak at about 2:00ish and then begin slowly declining all day, until they turn off eventually at 11:00 PM. That seems like a very long cycle right? I feel like that’s probably the issue? I just don’t know any good AI settings for LPS corals, and it’s difficult to program myself because I’m still somewhat of a beginner
  2. I don’t have much shade in my tank honestly, should I look into more rock then or something to help with shade areas?
  3. Here’s a better pic of them! And yes the coral is the same torch, it turned from that solid darker color to clear.
  4. Sorry my blues were on high I took those late! Here’s some better pictures!
  5. So I recently picked up a torch and a favia for my 12.5 gallon tank. After a while I noticed the torch lose color very quickly, and begin to not extend much at all, and now I’m starting to notice the favia lose its green color on the top, but it still hasn’t it on the sides which are shaded from the light, is this fixable? All of my other vitals are doing well, but as you can see below, these two seem to be struggling.
  6. Is this bubble algae? I plan on picking up three emerald crabs on Wednesday to help clean up a little bit, just wondering how else to treat it before it further spreads?
  7. My tank has the compartment on the side actually, I have a fluvial 12.5 gallon. I believe it would still work though!
  8. I have a 12.5 gallon nano tank and although I know that I don’t need an ATO, it would be very nice to have one. The only issue is that I have no sump, so if possible, how could I set up and ATO without a sump? And what ATOs would anyone recommend?
  9. I’ve been looking into getting a ricordea frag but I’m not sure if I want to yet or not? I don’t know much about ricordea but I’d love to hear some opinions!
  10. Thank you so much! I will continue trying to keep this guy alive and I’ll keep you guys updated on the progress! I appreciate your kind words and help so much!
  11. It seems like it! I’ve had the emerald crabs for about two months and there’s been no issues, and the GSP for around four and it’s been doing great!
  12. Since I’m new I wasn’t quite sure what the best alk level was but I figured that since my GSP was still doing well it was okay! Would you recommend raising alk? I have some reef builder to help raise it!
  13. Hi all! This is my first post on here but I’m looking to find some help with my recently bought twizzler Zoas! About three weeks ago I purchased a twizzler zoa frag and since then it has not done well in my tank. It started off with five polyps that looked healthy and it has now depleted to 2 maybe 3. I tested some water levels yesterday and I got these results: Alk: 120 ppm Ph: 8.0 Nitrite: 0 mg/L Nitrate: 20 mg/L I also tested salinity and it was a little salty so I did a slight water change and fixed that. I have been feeding it benepets reef food twice a week since I’ve purchased it. I currently have it in my 13.5 gal fluval evo that also contains two emerald crabs, a condylactis anem, and a GSP coral. The only sign of damage toward the zoa was an accidental pinch from my emerald crab early on as a piece of mysis shrimp landed on the zoa and the crab accidentally pinched and sorta mutilated one of the polyps while grabbing the food. I don’t know what else to do but I really don’t wanna lose this guy, please help!
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