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  1. Tested the params yesterday and ammonia and nitrites were 0 ppm. I dosed another 2 ppm of ammonia, gonna let that clear out, do a water change and add a small clean-up crew. I got an Inkbird temp controller that I'm gonna hook up too to see if I can limit temp swings a bit. The temps seem to swing between 23C and 26C (73.4F and 78.8F) despite the fact the heater claims to keep even a 10 gallon at 26C. What utter BS! It can't even keep a 2 gallon jar at 26C. I have an eheim heater I will be using in place of it.
  2. I'd do what WV Reefer said: stop adding stuff to the water. Additionally, I would probably keep my hands out of the tank and not add stuff for a while (even if something dies). Give your system more time to adapt overall since it is still new and just keep tabs on where values fall when you do your water testing. Basically: just chill a bit and do the simple routine maintenance stuff of water changes, testing and just top-ups for salinity. And to be honest 10 ppm of nitrates is nothing to be worried about. Plenty of people run their tanks perfectly fine with nitrates in check at that point. You really only have to worry if it starts to climb over 40ish. But basically if your tank is fine, don't worry and LEAVE IT ALONE! 😉 Constantly adjusting parameters like this away from what they want to naturally settle to is a long fight when it is harmless (unless you're just replenishing nutrients in an aged stable tank).
  3. This is not an issue with just Apex stuff, it is an electronics issue due to power surges. I had a computer board fry because of this when the power came on after a storm. You can buy surge resistant power bars that protect against large voltage spikes.
  4. I've always seen these tanks and thought they'd be a bit of a pain because of the depth but yours is coming along great. I like the scape too, it kind of reminds me of vivariums people have for frogs/geckos; it is almost tree-like.
  5. When I graduate from university, find a job (and probably move), I'll probably be getting a 25-30 gallon going. I saw a reefer here with a IM Fusion Lagoon 25 and an IM 30 long and they were really nice tanks, not to mention his coral and fish look amazingly healthy and well kept. Like pristine and flawless, I was amazed. Edit: Measured the params again in my tank. Today ammonia is down to 0.25 ppm and nitrites are up to 2.0 ppm. Everything is processing pretty quickly with just some tank sand. I'm a little surprised...I expected this to take more than a couple weeks! Dammmmnnnn
  6. Yea, I realize that...I'm just lazy and I am kind of doing it this way to buy time to stop me from buying more things hahaha
  7. Is there anything near the GSP that could be stinging it or releasing toxins? Check params too.
  8. I added some sand from my jar into the tank and mixed it with some other dry sand. I started the cycle with some ammonia last night (enough to get about 1.5 ppm). The water had 1.5 ppm ammonia and 0 nitrite last night. Today it was at about 1 ppm ammonia and about 1 ppm nitrite. Don't think this cycle will take too long because of the sand. I haven't even added any live rock yet (too lazy to break it up and clean up the mess lol).
  9. At this point I would just tear the tank down and start fresh since the amount of money sunk into it won't justify sinking more into it without reviewing literally everything. Then slowly add back things bit by bit. Just my opinion on what I would do though.
  10. From a practical perspective, sumps usually work best when you have gravity feed it down then you pump it back up. Otherwise you're pumping water both ways which is inefficient. I'm sure you could do it without much issue if you really wanted to.
  11. I don't think whether someone being new or not should really make a difference. You can be new to different facets of the hobby and want opinions of people who have tried different things. I would think being acquainted with people here would make you more comfortable with asking questions anyway. I really don't know why it bothers you at all, who cares if a seasoned person has questions that may be repetitive? You're not a mod nor the forum police and it makes you come across as an ass the way you're acting. It is attitudes like you have demonstrated here that prevent people with experience from asking questions. But I don't know, if I had to guess, it comes across like you have a problem with Clown but that's just my opinion. If you know how the forums works then you would leave the moderating to the moderators.
  12. It's really weird out of all the threads that you choose to say this about, it's this one and with this user instead of the many cycling or whatever threads...weird. To be honest, even with constant research some hobbyists find tips and tricks they wouldn't otherwise post in some places by making threads like these. If people didn't constantly have the same discussion, I doubt nano tanks would be as popular as they are since people discussing their successes repeatedly motivated more people to imitate their smaller setups. This hobby is growing and continuous discussions over newer things is not a bad thing, it promotes people to speak up about different ways of husbandry. This forum in itself defies a lot of the hard and fast reef rules because we deal with smaller tanks so a lot of the research is more or less other people's opinions. Outside of this forum it's hard to vouch whether a group of people are weirdos or experienced hobbyists since you don't "e-Know" them as being reputable. Being a part of this community, one would know well enough that things do change as people try new things or push the envelope and as those ideas develop, discussions change the common practices or ideas.
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