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  1. That looks like the coral skeleton, so yeah the flesh is definitely receding. Doesn't mean its dying, but you can still save it. Or is something eating it? You got peppermint shrimps?
  2. They're both pretty quiet so you wont have any problems. Then again they're also under powered so there's that. 😄
  3. Another thing is it could be just breaking in. But it sounds like theres something loose lol.
  4. Sounds like its bumping into something, is it hitting the glass? Or maybe carefully inspect the impeller to see if there's any cracks, you could also try adding more water height, is it on the recommended water level?
  5. can you post a video on youtube of the noise?
  6. check your water level by your return pump. Probably from ur skimmer too:? are u running a skimmer?
  7. If its processing ammonia and nitrite then youre good to go. Dont know how much they produce but u should be ok.
  8. By the way this is what my jbj looked like in June 2018. So if you think your new tank is ugly now. Just give it some time and care. That mushroom in the middle is still on the same spot after 8 months lol.
  9. Its a big plot of empty wasted space. Might as well fill it up with colorful corals. Thats prime real estate especially for a nano lol.
  10. I agree. I vote for a 2nd light or upgrade and just ramp up the mp10.
  11. Hi everyone I thought I would upload updated pictures of my jbj since december. Everything is growing and encrusting well. I would say out of all the corals that I have the leptoseris is growing the slowest.
  12. Also try mixing the salt bucket manually by hand or by jiggling the bucket. Sometimes the salt and the additives will separate so just mix the dry salt around to re distribute the additives.
  13. Does the flow go like this? Thats a pretty weird design in the first place, the middle baffle decides how high the water is in the overflow? But back to your problem, it could be that the slits are too small for the power output of your pump, thats probably why they put the hole on the bottom. Try a less powerful pump and just use your powerhead for more flow in the display. Or just leave the hole open. But thats just weird overall if you are using the stock pump they provided and the stock slits cant even handle the stock output of the pump.
  14. Imo get the Nuvo. Ive seen one of the aquatops in a store and the skimmer doesnt really work too well and you can put/fit more accessories in the Nuvo's back chambers in the future because it has more space.
  15. This thread is really disappointing and rubbing me the wrong way though. This guy is asking for advice on some low light sps corals he could try, and half of the comments here are just saying he should buy better lights.
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