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  1. No, I will soon be feeding Coralific Delight (one of my favorites) and frozen brine. It seems only a couple are in the tanks ow and I can't see many, maybe they just went away partially. Also I don't have a good enough camera to take pics. They will just blend in with any algae on the glass with my iphone camera.
  2. They are all scattered on the glass and some in the sand, so unfortunately that won't work.
  3. I bring to you, Hydroids! No but seriously, I'm kinda scared. In my Fluval Evo I have like 5 of the polyp form. And in my 10g no-filter I have like 20 or 30! They haven't made it to the coral yet. Is it possible to remove most or all of them? Thanks!
  4. I have 2 Tyree Toxic Green Montis, A Red Cap Monti, A Setosa, and A Season's Greetings Monti in my tank. I also have a Green Goblin Acro which was stung by a hammer and is trying to recover. Note that this is in a Fluval 13.5 with stock lighting. I recommend to give it as much lighting as you can, since this light isn't the best. I have had great luck and if you're parameters are good, I would get more sps. Also my tank is only like 5 months old lol.
  5. One with all green in middle is radioactive dragon eyes. The one with orange on its mouth are green bay packers.
  6. Yeah it was funny, until it killed an RFA and all 8 of my mushrooms! I somehow caught both and got rid of em.
  7. Very good, one died because of my pistol shrimp and goby that tried to take it so I got rid of them (Somehow). They are all amazing!
  8. I float, but sometimes I need to put things in a bowl because it is hard to get to the bag. I usually float for 15 mins then for 30-45 mins I put 4-5 TBSP every 5 mins. It has always worked for me, I have acclimated fish to anemones with this method.
  9. Oops! Didn't realize there was a forum for that! 😕
  10. It looks like blue discosoma shrooms on the base. Very hardy coral. I had one once. It was great!
  11. I have ordered a pack of 11 RFAs from Rubio's Corals. I haven't seen a thread on here about it, so I am going to start one. This is the place to give reviews on this place. My order is arriving Tuesday.
  12. Cycled for 1.5 weeks like the Fluval I have lol. I have a CUC of 4 hermits, 4 nassarius, and 4 astrea. Also got a yellow clown. Everthing is going fine.
  13. I have 5.5 pounds of LR and added a bottle of instant ocean Bi-Spira.
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