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  1. Thanks @MrObscura I do weekly water changes at 10%, which works out to 1.5 gallons for my tank. If I'm away on vacation and have the auto feeder going, I'll double it to 3 gallons. Regarding the surface agitation, I have the stock return nozzles pointed up at the water, do I need to do anything differently? Thanks. Thanks @EvilFish what's the AUS?
  2. Thanks @Beer for the detailed reply! I actually don’t see any film in chamber 1 above the filter floss. Maybe it’s not as bad as it seems? I do have a bit of algae but maybe that’s because I slightly over feed the fish and don’t have any CUC yet...
  3. Thanks @MrObscura - by Nitrates are consistently around 30 but I've never tested for phosphates. Turns out both my Red Sea and API marine test kits don't have PO4 tests. Should I invest in that? Thanks.
  4. Hi All. Need some advice/opinions please... I have a Fluval Evo 13.5 (my full specs here: https://www.nano-reef.com/forums/topic/404590-new-fluval-evo-135-build/) with the following: Chamber 1: Intank Media Basket with filter floss, Chemi-Pure Blue & Seachem Purigen Chamber 2: ATO hose, Temp probe & PH Probe Chamber 3: ATO High and Low sensors, Return pump & Heater So, I originally bought the Fluval PS-2 Protein Skimmer, but never hooked it up due to not knowing if I would actually require it or not. So the question: Now that I have a couple of fish for a month, I am seeing some "oily" film on the surface and do have some PH swings, do i put the PS-2 in chamber 2 and move the ATO hose, Temp probe & PH Probe to the tank at the expense of a bit of an eyesore for the display area? OR - invest in a better hang on back skimmer to put in the tank? Thanks in advance!
  5. @hyoib Evaporation seems to be very dependent on the inside temp and how much the fan is running, but it seems like around 1-2 cups daily. No idea on the corals yet, maybe toadstools that the clownfish can call home 🙂 I'm actually thinking of trimming down the rock a bit on the left side of the tank to allow a little more swimming room.
  6. Thanks @Tuan’s Reef I kind of wish i got a larger tank as well, but being in a small apartment where the only space available is the kitchen counter, this tank seemed like a logical space until I move to a house. Regarding flow, since I'm in the Neptune ecosystem now I'm considering the WAV, but the minimum flow rate even at 1% I believe would be too much for this small tank... I agree, an AI prime is next on my shopping list 🙂
  7. Thanks @Friendly. Good point, I do want a decent mix of CuCs to control the growing algae issues I'm having. How many of each would be appropriate for my size tank you think? I would like to add another small fish or 2 or 3 🙂 Maybe a couple of Gobies, Pseudochromis or cardinal fish? Thanks!
  8. Thanks @hyoib. I agree the setup is a bit overkill for the Evo tank I have. At first I had a whole bunch of separate components (temp controller, light controller, power strip, etc) with different power supplies and cables cobbled together clogging up our kitchen counter area. When i realized it was a pain to keep topping off the tank several times a day combined with the fact I do travel and don't have anyone to check in on the tank - it made sense to get the Apex... also because of the space constraints I can make the wiring a whole lot more consolidated. I'm a bit of a tech geek anyway so I was up for the challenge...
  9. Thanks @Friendly! It's been a lot of trial and error so far, with a last minute vacation that spurred my investment in an Apex controller, ATO & auto feeder. It's a bit of a mess of wires right now and is sort of an issue right now as it's on our kitchen counter. I don't yet have a CUC, but yes, algae is starting to become an issue, so this weekend I'll be going to my LFS to see what options they have. As far as corals, yes I'd like to get some but my LFS has advised that I should wait at least a few months to have the water quality stabilize more. I need to do some more research into what would be appropriate for this setup.
  10. Hi All - It's been a while since I've given an update, but I've successfully setup my tank and have added 2 clownfish about a month ago. Please check out my build thread here: Thanks to everyone for their help in getting me started!
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to share my new build that I've been working on since December. This is my first venture into the saltwater hobby. Two clownfish were added a month ago and seem to be getting on just fine so far. Specs: Fluval Evo 13.5 tank Chamber 1: Intank Media Basket with filter floss, Chemi-Pure Blue & Seachem Purigen Chamber 2: ATO hose, Temp probe & PH Probe Chamber 3: ATO High and Low sensors, Return pump & Heater Stock Fluval Heater and Lighting Hydor Koralia Nano 240 Neptune Apex EL controller Neptune ATK top off system Netpune AFS auto feeder Icecap 5000ml reservoir for ATO, with low water sensor and leak sensor on counter Cheap 3 fan mounted to hood for cooling Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! Thanks!
  12. All, New tank (properly cycled) and got 2 clownfish from LFS on Sunday. This afternoon I noticed the smaller clownfish with a string hanging from him. It's sort of beige-white and growing. Now I see the larger clownfish starting to have a very thin string as well. I read it could be a parasite or just the result of mysis shrimp. This morning I did feed them a half cube of frozen brine shrimp, per the LFS suggestion. It did seem like a LOT of food when it broke up in the water. Maybe they overate. Should I wait and see and feed them normal flakes tomorrow or start some sort of treatment? Please help, thanks!
  13. Thanks @teenyreef @Clown79. Just to clarify - I know you said nitrite is not toxic to marine fish, but it's true that they are an issue with inverts, correct? Regardless, I took a bit of a break from testing and I think it's finally cycled. Ammonia at 0 and nitrites appear to be 0 as well. With the red sea test kit, it was very hard to tell if it was clear or off-white/pink but when I shined a light down towards the vial it was definitely clear. So I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or what. So I think I'm good? Nitrates are at 160, so I will do some water changes to get that down. I'll definitely take the suggestion on opening a new thread for my build for future updates. Looks like the brown diatoms have mostly gone away and been replaced with lovely green algae. 🙂
  14. Hi. I think you got to where I got way quicker than I did. I’ve been cycling my tank since 12/16 and dosed 10 times. Im still at 0 ammonia and .05-.1 nitrites. Seems to have slowed down in the last week however.
  15. Thanks @teenyreef. I guess I'll keep at it and try to be patient 🙂 So I've been dosing the day after testing to ensure I'm at 0/0 before I add. It's strange because on Dr Tim's website one page refers to being done after both numbers are below .2 but another page says 0. I guess it's safer to make sure both are at 0. Would adding more Stability generate more nitrifying bacteria or I've maxed out after a week of using that? Thanks!
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