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  1. IM Desktop Ghost Skimmer here.
  2. I broke the entire thing at once. I think that just removing the small baffles would be really difficult due to the size of the aio sump. I guess it could be done but it would be a lot of trouble.
  3. The sump has completely been removed. I painted the rear glass black and drilled 3 holes.
  4. I did this to my IM Fusion 20 in August of 2018. The glass baffles are easy to remove. All you need is a small hammer and it doesn't take much force at all to shatter the baffles. You'll be left with just the remaining silicone to scrape off.
  5. Ad a bottle of Biospira just to be sure and you should be good if the rock is truly live.
  6. Any pics? How long has it been puffy? Mine does that when it's expelling waste but returns to normal within a few minutes.
  7. I use the micro also and it is very solid and dependable. Also, it takes up so little space I often forget it's there.
  8. I set up my last two tank with live rock from an established system. I also used a bottle of biospira, not sure if it did anything but I never detected any ammonia. Just don't put a lot of fish in right away. One or two at the most. Also, I used "live sand".
  9. It depends on how often you feed per day. My maroon clown will eat maybe 5 pellets per feeding while my wrasse could eat until he explodes.
  10. Feed the clowns pellets only for a while, one pellet at a time as to not let any fall to the sandbed. You need to run a low nutrient tank for a while. The coral and inverts will be fine. This method worked for me and you will see the cyano start flaking off of your sand and rocks until it completely disappears.
  11. I had cyano like that in my tank and the only thing that got rid of it for good was when I stopped adding food to the tank. I'm not sure if you have any fish or not but that's what did it for me. A 3 day blackout worked but it was only temporary as the cyano came back soon after. I now only feed my fish one pellet at a time in which they eat before it hits the sand.
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