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  1. Today I can see the fissure clearly separate the 2 mouths (pic 1). The other candy cane head is also appearing to split (pic 2). And the acan coral and hammer coral are also in reproducing mode. Notice the baby acan head (pic 3) and some of the hammer coral polyps are stubby (pic 4).
  2. The oblong shape are clearly defined with polyps extended. This is just after "sunrise" this morning from the Bluefish mini controller.
  3. I will. Just bought a filter for phone camera. I noticed it over the weekend so this is day 3. It's like watching a slow motion mitosis.
  4. I have been feeding it LRS reef frenzy regularly 2-3 times a week at night for the past month. I have to use a tube to block off the cleaner shrimp. Otherwise, he'd steal the food right out of the candy cane's mouth.
  5. The guy at LFS also said he thinks it's snail slime.
  6. My tank is a 4-month old biocube 29. Water parameters are ok. All are Salifert tests. NO3 <5ppm; PO4: Undetectable; Alk: 8.9; CA: 420; Mg: 1350 Livestock: 2 clowns, 1 six-line wrasse, 1 royal gramma, 2 pink-striped gobies, 1 cleaner shrimp, CUC: 20 small snails, 20 blue-leg, 5 scarlet-leg hermits. Filtration: Lots of cured dry rock, Tunze 9001 skimmer (about to be replaced with Icecap k1 nano), SeaChem Phosguard, SeaChem Purigen. Circulation: Icecap k1 at random pulse up to 70%, 660GPH eFlux wavepump at 100%, 0.5sec pulse. Lights: Bluefish mini controlled LED, at Midday from 1pm-7pm: 6 cool white at 22%, 6 Royal Blue at 70%, 6 Blue at 70%. This morning I notice there are these strings that have the fine sands stuck on them. In the pic, they are at center, on the rock, and below the rock. Has anyone seen anything similar and know what they are? I'm worried because I also found that there are signs of red cyanobacteria. If these strings are also bacteria, maybe I'd just nuke them all in one shot with ChemiClean or UltraLife. 20% waterchange is scheduled for the end of the week. Thanks in advance for inputs.
  7. Finless

    Acan Garden.jpg

    How do you feed them without the food being stolen by fishes & cleaner shrimp?
  8. My biocube 29 is now 4 months old. I modded the stock lights into LED lights, controlled by a Bluefish mini. Now I want to add a refugium sump inside the cabinet. I'm building my own sump & refugium out of acrylic. So my question is how to add HOB to the biocube 29 yet keeping the lid because of the LED lights. Has anyone done this? What brand of HOB overflow to use and how do you mod the lid? Another option I'm considering is a DIY overflow using PVC that I have seen on the web. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Just got the Bluefish mini Gen2. What kind of connectors can I use to connect the output pins to the Meanwell LDDs? I have 3 LDDs to control. What are the connectors called and where can I buy them? Thanks in advance,
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