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  1. Okay that’s what I thought. I’ll try and fidget with mine for a while today and see if I can get it working.
  2. So I should raise the air wood with a longer piece of airline tubing? The cup is sitting on the clip and is around an inch above the water. Sorry for the poor pic, it’s the best angle I could get.
  3. Any advice on it? I’ve lowered and raised the air flow and it’s either little to no bubbles on the surface of the water, or it’s large gurgling bubbles that are heard throughout the house.
  4. I just got my first skimmer, and I’ve been having problems with large air bubbles. It’s using a limewood air stone and airline tubing to power it. It was bubbling correctly when I first had it in the tank, but I turned it off for just a split second and now the bubbles are huge. All the bubbles have combined into a huge mess and after researching I still haven’t found a solution lol. I’m currently using a Marina 50 air pump to power it. Heres a link to the Skimmer
  5. True! Cleanup crew being ordered next Monday!
  6. I’ve got a full setup already, I’m just kinda dissatisfied lol. The IM10 has always been something I’m on and off with. Sometimes it looks good and sometimes it seems blah. I might need to just wait and use this tank until I find something. Maybe a build thread? This current tanks almost finished cycling 🙂
  7. The ADA tanks are really catching my eye but drilling them is another story 🙄. Do you have any idea for hiding filter storage? I don't have the room for a sump atm.
  8. I think their tanks are beautiful, but do they have any AIO systems? I'd rather not see my equipment lol.
  9. I'm mostly just wanting a nice looking display tank for while I'm in college and unable to keep a large setup. I'd prefer something that can host a mixed reef. Money isn't really an issue with buying the tank at this point since I've got most of my supplies in my current tank.
  10. I had thought of the Evo as a neat tank but I would scrap most of the included equipment and i found it to just be better off for people who don't want to do many upgrades. I dislike the Full-View due to the very cheap feeling build quality for almost the entire tank. The gluing is "good enough". the back panel is a pretty cheap feeling plastic, and there are quite a few "extra" features along the back wall that are unsightly and don't work very well. Another con for the full view is a lack of filtration support. The original sponges and media aren't well suited for reef tanks and there are no prefabricated media baskets available. This tank would be an excellent project if you were to want to make a media basket and overlook these pretty minimal cons. I find this tank to be an eye catcher and it's definitely a cool one, but it requires a bit of modification and planning. Hopefully this answers your questions. I'm currently going to school so I don't have much time to modify a tank with a general idea of just a lower maintenance tank.
  11. So I finally started my second reef tank and I’m pretty dissatisfied with tanks overall build and process. I’d like to upgrade from my 7g Lifegard full-view to something a little more high quality within the 10g area and these are the two tanks I’ve found. I’ve heard both have transparent back walls allowing lights from ATO’s and heater to be visible in the display. Is this true? Also, what do you guys think of either? Is it worth it to get either and are there any other options out there for a 10g-ish nano? (Besides the nuvo 10)
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