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  1. https://aqua-tecture.com/collections/vidarock-bonsais
  2. Just added water !! WaterBox 20 bonsia aquascape Hydra 26 Nero5 Cobalt NeoTherm 150, coral life ATO
  3. Just set mine up BONSAI
  4. Im setting up a WaterBox 20 and Want to know what everyone has got in the back of their box, chambers one two and three !
  5. Im setting up a Water Box 20 , I like what I see so far
  6. I think the MP10 is an awesome wave maker but catch this, I wanted to save this for my build thread but, you can mount the Nero5 to the back of the WB20 tank because the wet side is inside the tank, I am a minimalist and want as little perfusion into the tank as possible. I also want as little as possible on the outside, I have a picture in my head and Im about $150 dollars from water and sand.. Kidding my LFS guy is gonna order me up the Nero5, Finish painting the room and away we will go.
  7. Yea a old School Ranger fan living in Chicago for 20 years, Like the Hawks now , by still root for the Rangers in the Eastern conference Potvin Sucks
  8. Im saving my pennies for the Nero5 my light is a Hydra 26 hd so although I think it is ridiculously expensive (what isn't in this hobby) I think being able to control both light and flow from one APP is to cool to pass up. While you WaterBox 20 guys/gals are floating around what do you all use for ATO? Its the last piece of my puzzle Thanks Chi
  9. Im doing the same setup ,WB20 just bought the AI Hydra 26HD today and Cobalt150W Neo therm heater, Upgraded stock pump to a tunze silence, and while it is expensive Im gonna try out the AI Nero5 for flow just being able to sync lights and wave maker via an APP is to sweet to pass up , I going all SPS so flow is also a big factor for the decision. Im an old reefer getting back in and know cutting corners at the setup alway comes back and bites you in the ass. Good luck I'd go MP10
  10. So I purchased a new Hydra 26 HD (white) today online, I still need to find a mount , my thinking is to first find the best mount (?) and then to prime and paint (3-4 coats) it white to match both the Hydra and the background behind the tank which is in a corner and very bright white Anyone ever heard of anyone doing this? I also believe it might give a cool effect of the light almost floating above the tank as it blends in with the mount and the walls in my fish cave. I assume Ill probably have to paint or tape the exposed parts of the what I assume is a black cord. Anyone ? Ideas? Thoughts? I think its a little weird they make the light in white but not a white mount, but I'll figure a work around. Anyone know anything about powder coating ? Thanks in advance Chi
  11. Yea after doing a little home work I went with the 150W Cobalt has it rated for up to 40 gallons with it being able to keep up with 11 degree ambient temperature difference , so I figure double that by putting it in a 20gal. ..not really double but should help to stay at temp 77 without working so hard and pushing it which may or may not cause malfunction but like you said I've had multiple glass heaters shatter as well Thanks for the help I have a build thread going so will make sure to give an update ..
  12. Thanks for the input, I am a minimalist and since the tank is an AIO the less wires the better better so I was trying to get away from using a controller since everything is going bluetooth and its less cords and equipment. I am in the process of collecting my equipment and I'm not cutting any corners , WaterBox 20 , upgrade tunzes pump, AI Hydra26HD , AI Nero5, so heater and OTA is all that's left, and since I do 25% water changes every two weeks. I think I can I can get away with testing parameters once a week between water changes. Anyone thanks for the info CHI
  13. Can I get a review from an SPS reefer about these Cobalt thermo heaters, my tank is in my basement and the temp can swing sometimes on cold nights so I need some thing very reliable and can keep the temp steady, Im putting this in a WaterBox 20 , was thinking of going with the 150w I think it is large enough and powerful enough to quickly heat the tank without a lag during ambient air temperature fluctuations . Thanks in advance Chi
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