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  1. DreC80

    Falco's Reef: FTS Update

    Looking good. The monti caps on the back wall will eventually shade several things out, but it sounds like you have a plan for that. Looks like someone wants a clownfish for dinner 😂
  2. DreC80


    Hopefully this guy will stay alive for you...they are cool fish. What type of wrasse did you go with?
  3. DreC80

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    That sucks. Do you keep moon lighting on during the night? I've read that can help with keeping some fish from jumping at night...not sure if it's true, but a screen top should do the trick.
  4. DreC80

    ATO system

    Does your AIO have a back compartment? If so, you can set the ato sensor and return tubing in there. Your ATO container can be a gallon jug or 5 gallon bucket. Check out the smart ATO micro.
  5. DreC80

    Duncan coral growth

    My wife's Duncan went from 3 heads to 12 in 8 months. It gets fed once a week. It's been a pretty easy coral and will probably outgrow the tank.
  6. DreC80

    Suitable tank mates for Blue Fiji Damsel

    A shark....lol. In all seriousness most damsels are pretty aggressive. Especially as the first fish in the tank. May want to consider returning it to the LFS and selecting something else. In regards to stocking, try putting in the less aggressive species first.
  7. DreC80

    Nopox algae management

    As Andrew stated, you may cause more problems dropping levels to zero. Is your source water TDS reading 0? Are you over feeding? Just a few things to consider. I know having hair algae in large quantities sucks, but if it's just a small amount it's normal as long as it isn't spreading and covering your tank. Have you tried running some GFO? What are your phosphate readings? That's more than likely driving hair algae over nitrates.
  8. DreC80

    Nopox algae management

    None 😁. How old is the tank? What are you trying to achieve with the nopox? In a small tank you can really get away with water changes to keep your no3 at acceptable levels. If your tank is fairly new I recommend staying away from nopox dosing until you really need it.
  9. DreC80

    lighting acclimation

    Start around 25% and see how your corals react. Some will actually reach/stretch for light so that should give you a good indication. My wife has a c-vue 18 gallon with a prime and we are running 30% on the blues and violet, 20% UV, 10 % white, 3% red, 5% green. She has mostly lps and a few softies. Good luck, it's a nice little light.
  10. DreC80

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    Yeah, they can be hit or miss. Have you looked in to any pygmy wrasses? Those are pretty cool and well suited for smaller tanks.
  11. This should help: http://www.drtimsaquatics.com/resources/how-to-start
  12. If I remember correctly the instructions for Dr. Tim's required you to add every other day. What kind of ammonia and bacteria did you buy?
  13. DreC80


    Man that sucks. Was the acro like that in the bag or did it rtn overnight?
  14. DreC80

    Another Angelfish in a reef thread

    I had a coral beauty in my 100 gallon reef back in the day. It didn't cause me any issues. I will say that in smaller tanks (dwarf angels) may be more of a problem if they start picking at corals as the same corals will be affected repeatedly, where it's more spread out in a larger reef. I also agree that it's fish specific, not species specific. I guess at the end of the day, do you have a way to get it out if it becomes destructive? If not, I probably wouldn't chance it.
  15. DreC80

    Falco's Reef: FTS Update

    Add another acro...the one you have is growing well.