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  1. Curious what you all think the sweet spot is in lbs for live rock and sand in the 13.5?
  2. Testing all my systems with tap, the awc works well! I also realized that I can do water changes with the reservoirs outside which is handy.
  3. I did place the order already, according to the spreadsheet it's drilled and tap, but not yet assembled. I'll shoot you an email (you actually responded a few hours ago with an order update.), Thanks Dave.
  4. Oh that's good to know! Any idea if that voids the warranty?
  5. I'm extremely confident in my soldering ability, but I'm okay with having one cable outside of the conduit. I'll likely just velcro it to the back of the conduit and run it off the back of the stand, no big deal.
  6. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had pictures of the power connections/brick on the Tide Plus M (mine is on order), and length if possible? Is the power brick/control box hardwired to the light? I'm in the process of setting up my stand with some pretty particular cable management and I didn't really consider that the Tide Plus M is hardwired from the light into a control box, making it impossible to run through my DIY conduit. You can see my cable management here: Thanks!
  7. Finished up a DIY cableway up the back of the tank:
  8. I did consider that, but the curtains will be concealing the box and loom at all times, except when I need to access it of course. I'll look into the raceway though!
  9. Yeah.. buy once cry once? At least that's what I've been telling myself.. Velcro'd in some of the electronics and mocked it up with a bit of nice mesh split loom. I'm going to be installing a pvc bulkhead in the top with a small section of 1.25" black formufit PVC that will act as cable management for all the tubing/cords going into the tank. Hoping it cleans things up nicely.
  10. I used some black egg crate from Amazon and zipties. Thank you!
  11. Thank you 🙂 Made some more progress today..
  12. Unfortunately the bamboo deal fell through, so after giving it a ton of thought, I'm going to try one of the 1.25" thick Ikea countertops a shot. I know people are quick to dismiss Ikea stuff for tank stands, but I'm pretty confident that 1.25" laminated particle board, in combination with my steel frame that has horizontal cross members right underneath the tank will hold up fine. I'll have enough left over to use as a side panel for the short side, in addition to one of these which is perfect for the front, which is nice. I heavily weight painting plywood, laminating particle board myself and having someone build a top for me, but given that my tank is only ~115lbs, this will be fine. In other news, I built a screen top!
  13. Slowly but surely.. Still delayed getting the bamboo, debating switching over to some high quality maple plywood and painting it black. In the mean time, I'm mocking up my little control/junction box. I have my screen kit as well, I'll be building that this weekend. Thinking about filling the tank with tap again to test out the AWC, return pump and run a bit of distilled white vinegar through the system.
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