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  1. I was very pleased with the results. All i did was add a hang on fuge with chaeto and was persistent with removal of the algae via water changes and Turkey baster. There is still a little tiny patch of cyano on the back side of the rocks but it is not spreading and the sand bed is looking great. Corraline is also growing nicely on the rock.
  2. +1 has to be purchased separately, unfortunately. I personally think it should be included. I got mine from ebay for like 10 bucks.
  3. Have you tried the hydor centrifugal 300gph pump?. Smaller footprint than stock and doesn't rattle around. I feel like it's an upgrade from the stock return pump and it's adjustable. It's also cheap, got it from Amazon for 20 bucks.
  4. I had good success with just sucking all of it when doing water changes. Take the big part off and just use the hose. It will take a few times but it will work. Also if there is any on the rocks, get a toothbrush and wipe it off and siphon it out at the same time. Edit: upping your flow to have the least amount of dead spots will help as well
  5. Are you using the stock plastic skimmer piece? The in-tank one that I'm talking about can only be used facing chamber one. Also has tabs on the top to direct water flow into the basket and not around it. Also, causes a "waterfall effect".
  6. Yes, the in-tank plastic skimmer piece pushes the basket outwards. And I'm not exactly sure on the reasoning but I'm assuming it is to ensure a "tight fit" with the basket and tank. I also think it helps direct all the water through the media and not down the back and around the rack.
  7. No problem! And yes you are! Lol. Don't happen to have any nice digi's do ya?
  8. Following. There is a person on ebay that sells.. username is Staubaquafarm. They're in the barboursville area. Edit: I'm sure you could arrange a pickup. Shipping is $15.
  9. yes, I am definitely glad they are not dinos! And thank you! Good luck with getting your issue straightened up, I know it gets frustrating. Thank you! And I dont mind the questions lol. Yes, that is a pink stylo. The "turquoise" is supposedly a birdsnest of some kind(I think seriatopora?). I got it from my LFS for 10 bucks, it wasnt doing too good but definitely came around. The grayish stuff by the hammer is the epoxy I used to mount it to the rock, it is pretty top heavy so it took a good bit lol. The green above the light reflection is supposedly an aussie green brain, that's what it was sold as anyways. And no, I actually havent really thought about giving them names.
  10. Everything seems to be settling down and doing good as of now. The alage has really subsided. Just a little bit forming on the glass.
  11. It is supposed to do that.
  12. Any idea what these are? Thought they looked pretty good.
  13. Well, I'd say you're probably right but I didn't. So I now I'm trying to get it straightened out. I feed the fish some pellets every other day as well as feed the lps some mysis. All food is either eaten or removed.
  14. Thank you. I'm still battling this issue. I am starting to think cyano has set in. The rocks are pretty much clear of algae now other than some green algae that does not come off and the start of some corraline. The sand bed just keeps getting covered in brownish-reddish film. I used the gravel vac on all of the substrate about 5 days ago, looked good for almost 2 days but it just comes back.
  15. Lol it's funny that you said that @Weikel because I think I did have a mini heart attack when I read that reply 🤣 hopefully I get some more input on the topic just to get some more opinions.
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