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  1. I think i just got freaked out by 4 people at my LFS telling me they had to restart their tanks due to this sponge outgrowing everything. I trust you guys over the LFS, I'm only going to keep the ROWA in for no more then two weeks. I will keep an eye on my LPS corals, I did not know the ROWA can effect them, LFS did not tell me. Really appreciate your guy's advice.
  2. Two best pictures I have. Sorry they aren’t good
  3. That’s my plan with the ROWA. My LFS said to wait about a week. How long with you recommend
  4. I have this white sponge stuff growing on most of my frag plugs now. It’s beginning to choke out one of my Zoa colonies. Friends at my LFS said they’ve had it before and they just restarted there tanks. They recommend I strip the water clean for a little but because my tank is fairly new and I was feeding a lot. All my corals are still frags as well. I put about 20 grams of ROWA Phos in the back. I do not want to throw away my corals, but I don’t want to waste my time on a tank that is going to become overgrown by stupid sponge. I want to wait it out but every night I look at the tank, I find more and more sponge. Could I take out all the frags and throw away the rock and do my best the scrape at the sponge. Everyone online says it’s going to come right back. Anyone, please help!!! 😞 (Green colony of Zoas in bottom right of picture is the ones getting choked out)
  5. I have a Radion XR 30 pro above a NUVO 20g... I know it may seem like over kill but I plan on upgrading in the future, don’t have the space yet. I also told myself if I was going to have a reef tank, I was going to have an amazing reef tank. I wanted to be able to grow whatever I want. My tank is roughly 3 months old, everything is looking good so far. As of right now, in my tank is mostly softies. All my Coral seem to be good but I do think some corals are showing small signs of to inch light. It’s also kinda hard to find placement for corals. I wanted to run a couple ideas by you guys, everyone on here is more experienced then me. Would the light be improved if were to to raise the light up, hang it from the ceiling, so it’s not so intense on the corals. If I were to do that, what intensity would you guys recommend. Right now I’m running only 20%. That’s kinda the main idea I had. The other idea was to add a diffuser to the radion, that would help with the colors, Is that worth it? Any advice is greatly appreciated! 🙂
  6. Where could i get something like this. It’s a great idea
  7. Hello every, my name is Koby. I am new to Nano-Reef.com and some what new to the aquarium hobby. My dad used to have a 250g mixed Reef when I was younger, I would help him take care of it, water changes, clean the filter socks, and of course pick out the corals. I guess I didn’t fully understand what was going on with his tank because once I jump into it myself, my mind was blown with how much time and effort went into this hobby. I’m in love with the ocean and fish themselves. The biodiversity in a Reef is what really astonishes me, so I’m prepared to do what I need to do to take care of this tank. Sunday’s are tank days, water change and test the water, and any other extra things I need to do. I came here because a part of me knows I have no idea what I’m doing. I find myself having a question about the tank every single day, and I always end up back here. I was hoping you guys could help me with any questions I have and guide me to a full blown Reef tank. My all around goal is to have as much life/color in the tank as possible. Equipment- Light: Radion xr30 Pro Powerhead: VorTech mp10 Return Pump: 2x Sicce Micra Plus Heater: Cobalt 75 Watt ATO: Tunze (5g reservoir) Filtration- Two inTank media baskets, both hold filter floss in the first chamber. Gonna start running carbon in one and Purigen in the other. Need to find some sort of media to implement as well, open to any ideas. Always wanted to run a refugium, do you guys think they are worth it for nano tanks? Animal Friends- Pair of Picasso Clownfish Tiger Pistole shrimp Yellow Spotted Goby 3 or 4 Trochus snails 2 Red Legged Hermit crabs -Feeding Reef Frenzy Nano and Reef Roids Question- I have this leather, fairly new to the tank, I’m not sure if it likes the constant flow of the VorTech. Should I pick it up and move it to red circle in the picture down below?
  8. So should I do one with just Chemie elite and the other with the purigen and media? is that media even doing anything? if not what should i put their to re place it? Removed the chemi blue packet
  9. Here are my two baskets, the big bag is the Elite and two bags together are Chemi Blue and Purigen, the little pellets are just media pellets I took from one of the canister sump things. What should I take out and what should I keep. All ears guys I just picked up this frozen food, fed it once, checked my chemicals and ammonia was at .25 or higher it looked like, so I skipped a feeding day, witch was today. I feed every other day. Should I feed less or more and how much? Should I only feed reef roids once a week to start off? I apologize for all the questions
  10. How does one create a Reef journal? Would love to share with you guys.
  11. Inavative Marine Nuvo 20 (Sorry, forgot to put that)
  12. Hello everyone, not really sure what I’m doing but I need everyone’s help. I find myself back on this website about everyday so it seemed like the right place to ask for help. My dad used to have a 250g when I was younger, so I thought I knew everything I needed to know. Man was I wrong, I had no idea how much was put into this hobby. I kinda just jumped into, I know the basics but every time I’m away from the tank, I find myself worried about it. I’m not confident in myself, so I’m kinda using you guys as a guide. All my chemicals are good, I have a basic test kit for now, I have a refractometer, and useing Red Sea Salt for water changes. I do a water changed every Sunday. Any tips? Please throw them at me!!! Just gonna list some question I’ve been having. If anyone could help that’d be greatly appreciated. I really want to do good with this tank, plan on having it for many plus years, ultimately I want to get this tank exploding with life! 🙂 1. Is the Mp10 in a good location? The Green Lether Coral does not seem too like it when it is running, should I relocate the leather? 2. Are the corals in a good location? 3. Am I over doing it with the filtration? 4. Should I be target feeding the corals? 5. How do I know how much Reef Roids to use on a tank this size, tank holds about 15g of water. Setup Date: December 7, 2018 Equipment- Lights: Radion XR30 Pro 2 Sicce Micra plus’s return pumps Mp10 VorTech Pump Tunze Ato Filtration- 2 InTank media baskets. Both baskets are running filter floss, then one has just chemi Elite, then the other has Purigen, chemi pure Blue, and some media in the middle chamber. Animals- Pair of Moocasso Clowns, a tiger pistol shrimp who is paried up with a goby (Forgot what kind of Goby, I’ll put a picture), two red legged hermit crabs, 4 or 3 troches snails. Corls: Some GSP, Torch, bunch of Zoanthids, Green Lether, Bridsnest SPS (I think that’s the name), and I think an Acon sorry if I spelled anything wrong and sorry for being such a noobie!! Thanks again everyone! Koby
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