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  1. Did some tests and on reef Alk:9.6 Calcium:490 Salinity: 1.024 How do you guys recommend I lower calcium? I don't have any corals yet so I can't remove calcium that way.
  2. Also, my evaporation seems to be occuring at a high rate, but im not sure if its just normal. I add a cup full(not sure the amount but its a the regular size that you would get from a chikfila or mcdonalds) and that seems to be gone in less than 24 hrs. Is this Normal? I only have mesh cover on tank.
  3. Update I have switched my heater due to the fact that the other one began to rise 3 degrees over the temp I set it at after a week of constant temperature. Also, Ive added a clownfish and 3 trochus snails and 1 pepermint shrimp. I think I may have put the clownfish in a little too early but after two days it seems healthy, swimming up and down glass and occacionally crossing sides of tank. I fed it Mysis shrimp that were frozen and it only took 2 or 3 full ones and ignored the rest. Should I be worried? The cycle was complete before I added clown, and it seemed like a fast cycle, because it only took one week.
  4. Eventually I’d like to keep sps but for now I’ll stick with softies and lps.
  5. Hey guys! I finally decided to switch to saltwater from freshwater and I'm excited for the new challenge. I'm hoping to eventually get some acros into this tank maybe 6 months to a year down the line, but for now, i'll stick to lps and softies. I started off with 5 lbs of live rock and 10 lbs of dry, due to the fact that most the live rock they had was too large. I also put in 20 lbs of live sand. Equipment: 1x Jebao RW-4 1x AI Prime HD 1x 100 watt heater Media: purigen in one sock cut up foam in other one with bits of seachem matrix mixed in Tank hasn't settled yet but thinking of adding some rubble around the point of the mountain on the right side Excited for the journey, Lucas
  6. I did a little calculation, I dont know if its right. I said that 7 of the corals would cost $25 and another 7 would cost $35 and it came out as $420. Is this an acurate amount of corals for a tank like this and does the price seem fair?
  7. Thank you for all the great replies everyone! I know it is hard to answer this question but how much would the corals cost to stock one of these tanks of this size? I would like to do a variety of everything including 2 or 3 sps. I wouldn't be buying the top quality corals just the corals that of the affordable range that look nice. I just want to get a sense of what it will cost for the livestock.
  8. Hello all! I'm new to this forum and I'm thinking about starting a reef tank. The tank I am thinking of setting up is a 20 gallon novo fusion with AI prime hd light. currently, I have a 29 gallon South American tank with German ram and a Leopold angelfish as the centerpiece. The problem I have with this tank is that I have lost interest with this tank and it is more of a chore to take care of it. The question I have is in your guy's opinion, do you think a reef tank keeps you more engaged than a freshwater tank? Im thinking of making a mixed reef with nano friendly corals. Also, to make a good looking reef that includes sps corals, is it necessary to use a dosing system? I'm just worried that it make get overwhelmingly complicated Sorry for so many questions, Lucas