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    Reef aquarium vs. Freshwater tank

    I did a little calculation, I dont know if its right. I said that 7 of the corals would cost $25 and another 7 would cost $35 and it came out as $420. Is this an acurate amount of corals for a tank like this and does the price seem fair?
  2. Lucasalc46

    Reef aquarium vs. Freshwater tank

    Thank you for all the great replies everyone! I know it is hard to answer this question but how much would the corals cost to stock one of these tanks of this size? I would like to do a variety of everything including 2 or 3 sps. I wouldn't be buying the top quality corals just the corals that of the affordable range that look nice. I just want to get a sense of what it will cost for the livestock.
  3. Hello all! I'm new to this forum and I'm thinking about starting a reef tank. The tank I am thinking of setting up is a 20 gallon novo fusion with AI prime hd light. currently, I have a 29 gallon South American tank with German ram and a Leopold angelfish as the centerpiece. The problem I have with this tank is that I have lost interest with this tank and it is more of a chore to take care of it. The question I have is in your guy's opinion, do you think a reef tank keeps you more engaged than a freshwater tank? Im thinking of making a mixed reef with nano friendly corals. Also, to make a good looking reef that includes sps corals, is it necessary to use a dosing system? I'm just worried that it make get overwhelmingly complicated Sorry for so many questions, Lucas