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  1. Guys I have decided on the 45.2 gallon Waterbox with the stand and sump. Now I will change my upgrade list accordingly. Thank you Smiz for the advice.
  2. So you guys would say having a sump is easier in terms of stability and maintenance? With a sump would waterchanges be the same way as an AIO? I’ve only ever had AIOs so this would be my first sump. I don’t know anything about refugiums, reactors, or anything. I just know about ATOs and slightly about protein skimmers, also why wouldn’t my Sicce 1.5 work? Would it not be enough gph?
  3. I am starting a brand new salt water tank, this will be the first tank I decide to put corals in. Right now I am stuck between the Waterbox 20g Cube or the Waterbox 35.1g Marine. The 20g Cube is an AIO while the 35.1g comes with a sump. I have already purchased some equipment. Have spoken to 3 different LFS near me gathering information and items. The items I’ve got now were meant for the 20g but I still have time to change to the 35.1g. So please if you guys could point me in the right direction. Return Pump: Sicce 1.5 Heater: 100w Colbalt Neo Zeolite and Matrix media Light: AI Prime HD I want an ATO and a protein skimmer, and the corals I want in my tank are pretty easy as I was told. Some acans, zoas, and some soft corals, also I apologize if it sounds like I don’t know what I’m talking about, I really don’t.
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