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  1. Thanks Nuisance I thought so as well! Glad it's doing really well too.
  2. Nope still using the stock. That puck light you see is the led that can change colors so I use it for photos and for the night spying. Bought it online as a selfie light, but using it for Pico tank photos.
  3. Watching this tank has been a pleasure, the life teeming within the sand bed and live rock is just crazy. It seems I definitely have a couple of Gammarus amphipods running around caught them when the lights were out. In addition I caught what I believe is a peanut worm lurking around eating detritus. Luckily I have a red tiny led light and since most marine creatures don't see red light I've been using it to spy on the tank at night without alarming any of them. It's also been great seeing the smaller critters dig tunnels everywhere, almost like a marine ant farm. Sadly the Palythoas are melting away but I'll take that as all the zoas are doing well. The bubble gum zoa's at the top of the rock has started growing another head and the scrambled eggs in the corner are maintaining a healthy look. I was afraid that the ricordea wasn't doing too well because I caught it throwing up some brown gunk and in order to do that it had shrunk to expel it. But a day afterwards it looked better and has gotten even bigger, photos included. Another good news story the discosoma mushroom that originally came on the live rock has moved to the front of the tank. Originally i was conflicted because the hardscape looked great how i set it up but the discosoma mushroom was facing the back of the tank. I even contemplated cutting it and moving it but hoped maybe it would move forward on its own. I think placing the tank near a sunlit window during the last 2 weeks really encouraged it. Here's the tank today, that big dark black blob in below the arch is the mushroom moving from the bank to the front. Ricordea expelling brown gunk and all contracted - post contraction Bubble gum Zoa & Random Zoa that's doing well and came on the same rock as the Palys. Will post more once i figure out how to get some of my 100mb+ videos into GIFs.
  4. Salt is creeping for me at both the right and left sides and also where the sump and tank connect at the base.
  5. If you were going with the stock light my observations for the tank I've had running is that the edges don't have that great of a part value and hence agreement with others that you'll want a good center rock piece. However you'll probably be okay because you got a customer light set up. The modifications you made to your outflow may also make a good flow area at the center.
  6. Hope cm is okay. See photos below. Height 2cm Width 6.9cm Length 11.7cm
  7. Ha, I was wondering if any of their customers would see it.
  8. Man I have so much to learn from all of you. Hoping the stock lights will do for now.. luckily if i ever have to leave for a while its small enough i can just bring it back to the local frag store :).
  9. So during the holidays I left it on a timer with a normal lightbulb and it looks like some of the zoas didnt like it, when i came back they had melted a bit. I had to leave again for another week so this time i brought it to the local coral store and they took care of it. Apparently it got a lot of attention from customers as they put it on the counter and people just couldnt believe how small it was. During the drive to the store the yellow zoanthids fell off but apparently found a place they were happier, bottom left corner. Below is the tank how it is now, a few clove polyps are definitely growing in random spots, probably pulsing Xenias or other similar things but won't know till they get bigger. So here's the tank, doing surprisingly better than i thought. Zoas in front of the leather toadstool have melted but are coming back so hoping they just needed to adapt to the lighting. The green Paly's though aren't opening as much as they were when i first bought them, might not be good in a low flow tank like this and I may have to think about modifying the flow. Everything else is doing well though. And finally here's a macro shot of the amphipod that seems to be at the apex of the critters in this tank. There's another one tunneling next to it that definitely had eggs. For scale this guy is about 2mm in size.
  10. Same things I noticed and will need a fix for too. Hoping someone will save us with that light modification since I don't know how to... Maybe @jbb_00 can rescue us!
  11. Thanks for keeping us updated sir! I've had a few issues with my zoas so I'll need some of your advice when I get photos.
  12. The light will vary depending on your hardscape. I've found that a few places that aren't in the dead center haven't been too good for the corals. I've had to move things around. Right now I'm away so I left the tank with my local coral store well see how they handle it.
  13. That's what I have set up for mine.
  14. What a great thread to read through! The photos are really inspiring.
  15. Awesome please update us with the final product! Assuming a window can double to let light in and put macro-algae in there.