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  1. Thx Clown79, I will perform the operation tomorrow. 😆
  2. The tank seems to be doing ok except for a finger on the leather, it appears to be dying off. The rest of it looks fine. Is there anything I should do or just leave it resolve itself?
  3. My clown seems to think the zoas are an anemone and seems to nip and rub against it. Is this normal? Some polyps are not opening up because of this. Will this cause any longterm harm?
  4. I alternate between Omega One marine flakes and mysis shrimp but I feed very sparingly.
  5. I did a 20% water change yesterday and this morning tested the parameters. TUES- Dec.11. SUN.- Dec.16 Salinity - 1.026 1.026 temperature - 78.3F 77.9 pH - 8.15 8.15 Nitrate - 10 5 Phosphate - 0 .01 Calcium - 480 430 Magnesium - 1350 1370 Alk - 8.0 8.2 Appears that the nitrates have reduced a bit due to the water change and the phosphates are very slowly increasing since I removed the GFO from the filter. My remaining Ocellaris clown appears to be doing better, its active and forages on the bottom but still feeds very little from whatever I offer him and looks skinny. I noticed this morning that one of my five bluelegged hermits is MIA, not sure what happened to him. Guess I should put some empty slightly bigger shells in the tank for these guys as they grow. He was the smallest. If he did stroll out of his shell could the peppermint shrimp have eaten him? So far i'm very pleased with the tank, it's looking good. The only hard part of this is sitting on my hands trying to avoid jumping in and buying more livestock. Guess I'll have to wait till the new year.
  6. The other clown is exhibiting the same symptoms, poor appetite and very skinny but so far he is still kicking. Not holding out much hope for him. If I do loose him should I wait a while to get replacement fish. If I do wait will the tank continue maturing without any feeding in the tank? I use the salifert phos test kit using the sensitive test. Going to test it again this week as I have removed the gfo and carbon almost a week ago. The only filtration I'm running is floss and the protein skimmer.
  7. Great info in those articles, thx!
  8. Well just as I finished my last post one of the clowns just lay one the bottom and expired.😟 I wonder if they both were just sick fish as the lfs I purchased them from does not specialize in marine fish but does a bit of everything pet related and doesn't have the best reputation. Live and learn I guess.
  9. Thx guys for all the excellent feedback, it really helps! The leather is growing like crazy but the polyps still have not opened up. The hammer coral is also doing well and the coralline algea is spreading. My only concern now are my Ocellaris clowns. They don't seem to eat very much and are looking very skinny. I try to feed sparingly alternating with Omega One marine flakes and mysis shrimp but they hardly eat any of it. Any suggestions?
  10. Why is it considered bad to have Phosphates at zero? I did add some GFO and carbon 2 weeks ago but as per your suggestion I removed them. When I set up the tank initially I added a bit of Ammonia but have not done so since. The alkalinity is steady at 8.
  11. Will I have problems with the clowns being territorial and aggressive towards it later?
  12. Do you guys think this setup could supporrt another fish, a purple firefish?
  13. Well I did a water test yesterday and had the following readings, Salinity - 1.026 temperature - 78.3F pH - 8.15 Nitrate - 10 Phosphate - 0 Calcium - 480 Magnesium - 1350 Alk - 8.0 My question is should I put in some medium to keep the Nitrates down? I still have 5 days before my schedualed water change.
  14. Thx for the good advice! I do plan to leave this setup mature and stabalize. Today I zapped most of the Aptasia with Aptasia X and it appears to have done the job. When I'm ready to add more livestock what are your suggestions for corals that would be suitable for a begginer. Stick with softies or maybe some 'easy' sps? I don't plan on adding anymore fish, i presume the 2 clowns are about the max number of fish for this 20g. I might return the 2 peppermint shrimp to my lfs as they weren't any help in ridding the tank of the Aptasia. Will probably replace it with one cleaner shrimp. Still would like to know the PAR value of the current-usa-marine pro 18" led light.
  15. Thank you Clown 79 for your comments. What is considered a 'stable tank'? Does it refer to the bioload it can handle or water chemistry? Concerning my current-usa-marine pro led light goes does anyone know the par output value and if it's capable of maintaining most sps corals?
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