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  1. I saw that one of you was relatively close to me, so I thought I might ask. Im currently In Fort Pierce Florida. I’ll be here for a while and was wondering if there were any stores outside of Petco where I can take a gander at all the equipment? I swear I can’t be the only one that has noticed the internet is no longer as simple as typing in something and finding it.
  2. I’m on my phone, and it is not wanting to cooperate, so I’m unable to go through and “quote” each helpful comment, so thanks to all who have offered advise. For now I’m still pondering because I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m going to read through these books when they get in (The Nano Reef handbook will be in Saturday) so I can have an idea as to how all this stuff works. I’ve seen some comments concerning what a load it is to take on, and I agree, but I’m in no hurry. The fish won’t come until the end, and by that time I’ll be prepared. What better way to learn about a saltwater system and how they work than to make it yourself. I grew up poor and lazy. That makes for an ingenuitive mind. I won’t start drawing up plans for the tank build until I’m certain I’ve educated myself enough and I’m confident I’m ready. This should be fun and rewarding.
  3. Hello, I’m new to this whole thing so I was hoping to get some feedback from those that have been doing this a while. I’ve had freshwater aquariums in the past, so I have a familiarity with some aspects, but I’m every bit a beginner in the world of salt water fish. I’ve read some of the beginners READ THIS (or whatever it was titled) and have already ordered a few of the books suggested. Now to get to the point. I’m a paraplegic so having a large aquarium is a bit difficult to manage for many obvious reasons. I enjoy a good challenge and I believe this will certainly be one so I thought I would find out if it was doable. I also enjoy doing things out of the ordinary. While I wait for my books, I have a couple questions. I would like to turn this old tv into a nano reef. I don’t have the measurements with me at the moment, but it’s somewhere around 44 inches long 24 inches high. However it will end up being around a 25 gallons tank. I’ll be making the aquarium myself. The tank will be the same width and height (more or less, a little more actually) than what the original screen was. My first main concern is lighting. I’ve seen things hung from the wall, and I’ve seen little strips of LED just above the water. I’m in bed and the tv’s in the shed but there will be maybe 4 inches of space between the tank and top of the tv (the top will be cut and made into a hidden functioning lid.). If that is a problem (lighting wise) I’d like to know. If need be, I can cut out the area above the tank and rig up lighting inside of something in a way that it looks like a decoration on top of the TV set. My other concern, for the time being, is filtration. I’ve seen plenty of small tanks with the in tank filtration built in the back. I could easily do that off to the side, the side without the electronics. (I’d like to rig things up where things are controled from the original spot.) That would change my aquarium build plans, but that’s not a problem at all seeing as I haven’t even reached that stage. My concern is is that enough? I see even 5 gallon aquariums with crazy systems under them. Building one isn’t a problem. I could, and would enjoy the process of making one and in a way that’s functional for me. The tv is around 24 inch high, so I would really only be able to go with about 16 more inches under it, (I need to be able to reach around in there..) but if I’m making it all myself I don’t see why I can’t make it work. The only problem is bending over and messing around with things once it’s down there, but I can find a way around that when and if the time comes. Hopefully I loaded the pictures right. So thats Lighting and Filtration Any other helpful advise for making it work is welcome. There is plenty more to do but those were really my main questions. I will be well read before I begin, and lord only knows when I’ll get a fish in it. I’m still in the brainstorming process, and welcome any and all help.