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  1. So of the two heads that came when I bought it one seems to have gone. But the other one just took off one day and looks fantastic. It's doubled in size now and I can see new polyps coming all the time.
  2. Some is Diatoms, they aren't the ones that are bothering me. I have a corner of the tank that looks like it's covered in cyano (pinkish, stringy, forming a mat on the sand and now bothering the coral). I've cleaned it all out now as best I can so can't get a picture but I'm sure it will be back in a day or two. In regards to flow, I've got the return pointed right at that corner (it's the front bottom left as you look with return front top right) The movement in the Xenia seems to show a reasonable amount of flow. I've got a power head in the rear top left pointed diagonally across the tank too, pointed down 45 degrees. But it's the whole sand bad that it's spreading over so I don't think it's flow. If I move the return and the powerhead any lower it just stirs up the sand and blasts a hollow in it.
  3. All my corals are doing well and my two clowns seem happy and are growing, but my sand bed looks awful with algae all over it. Literally 48 hours after removal and it's fully covered again. My Nitrates are high (20ppm) irrespective of weekly 20-30% water changes. But all my corals seem to be loving life. 1 Zoa colony has doubled in 3 weeks. Another has doubled in 6. My Xenia has grown 8x in it's 6 weeks. My hammer has grown 4x in 6 weeks. And the Zoas that I thought had died after I dropped them on their face are now doing great. The sand bed just looks ugly as sin.
  4. I've adjusted the flow a couple of times but it seems impossible to get decent flow everywhere. It's happening in the bottom left hand corner (front) (assuming the filter chambers are on the right). I've got the return nozzles pointed directly at at, then a power head going directly across that diagonally. All the contents seem happy, just this one corner looks like ass.
  5. Deep breath... My nitrates have been quite high (~20ppm) but water changes haven't seemed to reduce them so not sure if it's a testing issue. Phosphate was 0 but have read that cyano can lock up phosphate. I'm using a skimmer, floss carbon and Purigen. I do weekly water changes. I've got one additional power head basically opposite the return pump. Stock return pump. I top up with RO and water change with purchased salt water from LFS. Lights are on for 10 hours, then at 2% "moonlight".
  6. I'm suffering with Cyano (I think - kind of a pinky colour on the sand bed) in one corner. The Astreas snails are demolishing most of the other algae but won't touch this stuff. It's really frustrating. Any ideas to combat it? I't really light on feeding my two clowns (once ever 2-3 days) but every week I do a water change and sweep it all up, but then within 24 hours it's back.
  7. I have corals but so far my Alk and Ca are stable and don't seem to be depleting.
  8. So I'm now 6 weeks in to my new favourite hobby and (touch wood) all is going well But my question is about water changes and parameters. So far my parameters are all holding nice and stable and everything is happy and growing. I've been doing weekly water changes up until last week when I was busy and skipped it. I've tested all my parameters and they are all still nice and healthy. My question is this, if your parameters are stable, do you have to still do the water changes? I'm concerned that changing my water when everything is stable, will in itself introduce instability.
  9. I'd say it's down to your own individual ethics. Personally I don't want anything that's been taken from the ocean. I've made sure that everything so far has come from a tank. But if you choose to have something in your tank that's from the ocean and you are OK with it, who am I to tell you you're wrong. As long at it isn't endangered and/or damaging the local environment it's been taken from I can't really say you're doing anything wrong. If you don't but it, some other punter will.
  10. So I got 2 lovely new Zoa frags from mailordercoral in the UK and they arrived really well packed. Then I got my hands (tongs) on them. First one I got in to place nicely with no trouble. Second one I juggled and dropped square on it's face into the sand bed. I recovered it quickly and got the plug nicely wedged into a V in my rock. Went to bed and all was well in the world. Came down in the morning and had a quick check on them before I went to work. First lot all looked good and were starting to open up. Second lot, the plug had fallen from the rock and were again on their face on the sand. I then moved them and just lodged the plug into the sand bed. Since then (Thursday) I've had a couple of small ones pop out but nothing else really. Have I murdered them or do they just need a few more days to feel settled?
  11. My Xenia is going great guns so far. It was the first thing in the tank post cycle. Since 22 December it's at least doubled in size and I can already see that it's doubling again so likely in the next 7 days it will have quadrupled. It's still nice and small though and not even taken the whole frag plug yet. I've sited two small rocks next to the plug though hoping that at some point it will frag itself on to one of those and I can move it in the tank. I'd quite like it to grow in the corner under the return nozzles on my Evo as it's a little bare down there but I'll wait until I've got a decent stock of it before I start unsettling it.
  12. How exactly do you "prune" Xenia? Also can you grow it up a wall? If so how is it best to do it? Do you just glue a bit of egg crate to the wall with the frag on?
  13. So I've read a lot about updating the filter sponge in chamber 2 of my Fluval Evo 13.5. I've built myself a filter rack out of egg crate but my question is, does it need to be tight to the chamber or is it ok if it just fits loosely into the slot. I can't get the exact dimensions with the crate so it's got about a 1cm gap around all sides. Will that still work OK with floss, carbon and Purigen in it?
  14. They are IP65 IP65 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle.