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  1. 32 gal biocube plenty of flow 2 koralia 425s with mj 1200 return Intank basket floss, carbon, purigen temp stays 77.5-79 stock lights, whites on from 7-7 with an hour ramp up 6-7 blues on 7-12. Ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-0-3 phosfate-0
  2. Guys I come to you defeated and tired lol. About a week ago I cleaned my glass. Typical film algae buildup, routine glass cleaning something done every 2 to 3 days. After my routine cleaning I noticed the algae came back about a half day sooner than normal so I clean the glass. Then it's back in a day! i clean again and it's back in half a day. Again and its back within hours. I realize this is excess nutrients in my water but my feeding hasn't changed. I feed fish pellets twice a week Wednesday and Sunday and let my clown feed his anemones with freeze dried krill once a week on Sunday. I also feed my frogspawn krill on Sunday. I'm dosing nothing and have a few corals. After all the repetitive cleanings I went ahead and did a huge 15 gallon water change after I blasted my live rock. And changed my carbon and purigen which was not even a month old. Before wc my Params were good 0-3 nitrate, 0 phosfate, calcium 380, alk 8. As I sit here I'm literally watching the green come back on glass. Idk waft else I should do.
  3. Who has used the steves LEDs setup for the biocube 32? How is it? Thinking of trying them out.
  4. A couple weeks ago I bought 3 new frags and they are doing well! Makes me happy. I added a frogspawn, gap, and Xenia. The Xenia has a couple purple looking mushrooms on it that are growing bigger by the day. I'm sure someone knows what they are. And my toadstool has really taken off since I've glued it! The Xenia has taken off a ton and the frogspawn is getting a lot bigger. The gsp is doing great but it's brown with little hints of green. I was expecting it to have more green but idk. Anyways here are some pics
  5. My phos is 0 as well as nitrates.
  6. I'm currently having the exact same issues. Everything inside tank is good but the film algae on glass. Easy to get off with mag but comes back in 3 days or so.
  7. I ended up ordering the intank stuff. Couldn't resist buying an extra 200 bucks in goodies 🙃
  8. Very helpful guys and gals thanks!
  9. Thanks guys! Dumb question but where should I place the probe for a digital thermometer in an aio tank ?
  10. I use purigen and carbon as of now. Been reading on chemi pure and think I'm gonna go to it. Lots of conflicting opinions out there. Should I add it and drop the carbon? Purigen? Or all three lol. Sounds like a bit overkill.
  11. Best deal on filter floss in bulk?
  12. Tank thermometer that doesn't take up much space? I have a standard glass thermometer on suction cup. I'd like to get something smaller and offer a cleaner look. I'd like a strip badge on side of glass but they go outside tank and I don't trust them. Do they make one for the inside by any chance?
  13. That turkey Baster works so perfect! I did mine yesterday for the first time and got all kinds of junk off my rock! Loads of it! Rock looks so much better now.