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  1. Wow thanks man. Yes all of that is used in my house although it has a top stuff will always find a way in
  2. Yea it's tasteless right now haha. yea I've been reading for a gameplan and there's a million different ways to skin that cat I'd just rather tear everything down and manually remove it. I've been preparing for something to come up. Tanks been up 4 months now and all I've experienced is diatoms and green film algae. Everything else has been smooth getting good coraline growth and everything is healthy and growing! Tank has stayed very stable. I've just read so many horror stories and how "this is just part of the phase for a new tank" guess I've been lucky this far.
  3. i was thinking the same but it has no color to it. Idk been one thing after another lately but everything is healthy! I appreciate the advice and help! Everything Is still so new but I'm learning a ton!
  4. Yes I do blow a ton off! It's like a fuzz. Like pillow stuffing looking stuff and it has bubbles here and there. Only ID I can come up with is Dino. Been monitoring it and it's not spreading and not in the low light areas in tank. Nothing on sand bed either!
  5. Is this the start of dinoflagellates? Looks like it to me.
  6. Crew came in today! All in good health and loving the tank! Highly recommended. Can't beat the price!
  7. Johnmaloney got me squared away! No worries! I appreciate it guys!
  8. Placed an order early Monday. And still no confirmation email or package. I emailed them Tuesday and no response. There is no number to call. The money I paid has been taken from my account. Anyone ever have this happen?
  9. I plan on doing the same Saturday. None of my rock was glued and I tore it apart looking for my damsel my nem ate. I never got it back how it was before and it's bugging the crap out of me. Was gonna go to LFS to see if they have some rock glue for wet surfaces and restructure everything. Rookie mistake from the get go.
  10. Just ordered a cuc from reef cleaners to try and combat a tad. My cuc before was pretty thin 3 hermits and 4 turbo snails. Here is a pic from this morning. Also getting some fuzzy looking stuff on rock and back wall where overflow runs as well as on power heads. And noticing small white specks on back wall I have no idea what it is. But they are multiplying.
  11. I change floss once a week and double it over and carbon once a month. Wc done every 2 weeks normally and when I feel it's needed. I use water from LFS. My tank is only 3 months and 2 weeks old. I was thinking it could be lighting as well but this has always been my schedule.
  12. 32 gal biocube plenty of flow 2 koralia 425s with mj 1200 return Intank basket floss, carbon, purigen temp stays 77.5-79 stock lights, whites on from 7-7 with an hour ramp up 6-7 blues on 7-12. Ammonia-0 nitrite-0 nitrate-0-3 phosfate-0
  13. Guys I come to you defeated and tired lol. About a week ago I cleaned my glass. Typical film algae buildup, routine glass cleaning something done every 2 to 3 days. After my routine cleaning I noticed the algae came back about a half day sooner than normal so I clean the glass. Then it's back in a day! i clean again and it's back in half a day. Again and its back within hours. I realize this is excess nutrients in my water but my feeding hasn't changed. I feed fish pellets twice a week Wednesday and Sunday and let my clown feed his anemones with freeze dried krill once a week on Sunday. I also feed my frogspawn krill on Sunday. I'm dosing nothing and have a few corals. After all the repetitive cleanings I went ahead and did a huge 15 gallon water change after I blasted my live rock. And changed my carbon and purigen which was not even a month old. Before wc my Params were good 0-3 nitrate, 0 phosfate, calcium 380, alk 8. As I sit here I'm literally watching the green come back on glass. Idk waft else I should do.
  14. Who has used the steves LEDs setup for the biocube 32? How is it? Thinking of trying them out.
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