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  1. Hello! This is my 20 gallon nano reef, I started this tank on October 23rd. I used 20 pounds of dry rock and 30 pounds of dry sand (fine). The tank was cycled with seed, stability and a small piece of tilapia to add ammonia. The fish were added on November 27th. We chose a couple damsels a yellow tail and a blue, we really liked the blue and they were an inexpensive fish. A few days later I added a green star polyp, another good beginner option. So far the tank is going well although the damsels may become an issue if they cant get along (the yellow tail is always hiding, and the all blue one chases him) There is also 2 cerith snails and 2 nassarius snails, I plan on adding more as I need them.
  2. Thank you for the replies! I'll be going back for more snails when I get the chance. I'm thinking of getting 6 more cerith and a couple of the other algae eaters. I tried out a lux meter on my phone, I set the surface lux to 18k but I'm planning to research this further, not sure how much lux I need at the sand level or if I'm willing to put my phone in! 🙂
  3. So i ended up getting 2 ceriths, well see how they do. My lfs did have trochus and Astrea so I can always go back for them if the ceriths dont cut it. I also picked up a couple nassarius snails and did a 20% water change to keep my phosphates down a bit. I still need to get another circulation pump but overall everything is looking great Thanks for all the help!
  4. Looks like the course of action is to get the cuc, I was thinking cerith snails, a couple nassarius snails and maybe a detritovore. Was planning on avoiding crabs and grabbing maybe 6 snails to start of with. I have kept freshwater fish for a while now so at least it's not to hard learning process 🙂 thanks for all the advice.
  5. What a great response! Thank you! I turned my lights down since I've noticed some algae on my substrate and on the gsp. (I'll have to check out a lux meter, is that similar to par?) The yellow tail is starting to venture out, although the blue one always scares him back into the rock. I'm keeping an eye on the yellow tail, I dont him to get beat up. I was thinking about getting another 240 for the other side ( wish they were a bit smaller though). The gsp closed up yesterday, I used a little pipette to blow the dirt off it and gave it a little brush to clean it and it open right back up. So far there are only the 2 fish does anyone know how long before I can add the clean up crew?
  6. Thank you for the thourough response! I used seed to cycle, I started with dry rock and dry sand. I made sure I was fully cycled before adding the fish. I posted the wrong date before, October 23 was when i began to cycle. i do plan on keeping them long term and as of now there's no plans for other fish. I was considering inverts once the tank got a more established. Thanks for the warm welcome! The GSP opened up in about 8 hours.
  7. Hello I just set up my first marine tank on October 23. It is a 20long ends up holding 16gallons total. I'm Using a koralia 240 and a 20 hob (filled with polyfill), running a willis 165watt light (8 blue and 4 white on the control knobs) Added 2 damsel fish 3 days ago and a Gsp today (I'll post pics when it opens up). Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate was barely detectable. If anyone had any advice or tips that's would be awesome I'd love to learn all I can! A couple questions I had was how often do i feed and should I use a glass lid.