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    Setting up my Biocube 32

    That's what I thought, i'll certainly consider using eggcrate. My tentative plan is to create sort of a three sided "courtyard" in the center, with a smaller cave off to one side. That's good to know, I plan on using live rock.
  2. antigonus

    Setting up my Biocube 32

    Hello, I plan on setting up my first salt water tank hopefully this coming weekend, and just wanted some advice. First of all, obviously i'll have to have all the equipment assembled and in place first, the main thing i'm unsure about is what order to add the rock, sand and water. My plan is to put a few pieces of dry rock down first to act as a base layer, then add live rock stacked on top, then live sand around it, and then the water. Would this work? I'm curious how other people have done it. Also, I had a few more miscellaneous questions. 1. Are there any general tips of aquascaping for a beginner? 2. I plan on adding corals eventually, so is there a specific way to arrange the rock to make that easier? 3. What is the best way to start the cycling process? Iv'e heard that some people put part of a raw shrimp in the tank, or is ghost feeding enough?
  3. I was thinking on getting a few blue legged or scarlet hermit crabs, how many do you think would be good for a tank this size? I know shrimp don't really clean the tank, I still wanted one or two though because they look really cool and clean fish. Same with porcelain crabs, they're filter feeders and rather secretive, but they seem very interesting and unique.
  4. Yeah, I've heard about that, so if I added the fire fish first, then the Banggai, then the blenny and the clownfish, would that be a good order? Also, do you think the invertebrates I want would work?
  5. Hello, having kept freshwater aquariums for around a decade, I have decided it is time to try my hand with saltwater, and despite being extremely nervous, I am very excited to get into the hobby. My tentative plan is to have a 32 gallon tank with a few small to medium fish, some peaceful invertebrates as a clean up crew, and eventually some easier soft, and possibly LPS corals. So far this was the combination of fish I had thought of, i'm curious if it would work for a tank this size, and that the animals would be compatible with one another. 1. x1 purple firefish 2. x1 Banngai cardinalfish 3. X1 starry blenny 4. x1 Ocellaris clownfish In addition to these, I was planning on a clean up crew of several snails and possibly a few hermit crabs if they don't get too aggressive, a few skunk cleaner shrimp, and maybe an emerald or porcelain crab, but I don't know enough about them yet to say for sure. So for those veteran reef tankers out there, does this seem like a tenable plan? if not, what on the list should be removed or swapped out for something different?