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  1. alpinestar

    Fish For 10g?

    Goby/Pistol Shrimp combo would be cool. Or a firefish.
  2. alpinestar

    Red Sea Reefer 350 Build

    Awesome tank, that midas looks radical under that spec! Almost fluorescent.
  3. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    Chillin on the porch with the crab.
  4. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    No issues so far! I dig the dimensions and the sump is functioning perfectly. No media caddies or premade tops though...diy or custom order. Been seeing this alot lately. Love or posturing? No nipped fins on either...almost like the clown is trying to host the blenny.
  5. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    Got the order from safe top lids in. This is the gulag setup while I wait.
  6. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    Youre welcome to drop by, crack a beer and visit your acans and gsp just lmk. Picked up a replacement for the suicidal blenny
  7. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    I counted 6 bristleworms all together. They were probably half the length of my pinky fingernail. Like I said man I felt super shitty about it. So sorry. Any luck finding a home for the clown? ClearWater Aquarium is super close to your pad (I'm sure you are aware) I imagine they would be happy to re-home her for you maybe even throw some cash. That was a gorgeous fish.
  8. alpinestar

    Rehab Reef AIO adventure

    Yup! Got my wife into ours and it has turned into a couples project. Way funner that way plus she doesn't gripe about $$ if she gets to pick out corals and fish as well.
  9. alpinestar

    Hard Translucent Blob - is it alive?

    Alien egg for suuuuure. Future archeologists will find this post thousands of years later when studying the fall of mankind.
  10. alpinestar

    Rehab Reef AIO adventure

    Awesome setup! Welcome back to the hobby!
  11. alpinestar

    alpinestar's 17g Nano Reef

    Bro.. I failed you. I found a flatworm on the blasto and left most of them in a peroxide dip (that was probably too strong) for a bit too long. Good news is the several flatworms fled and died. Bad news is the blasto and zoas didn't make it. They also had tons of bristleworms pods and other good hitchikers that I would have loved to add. The acans and GSP rock will be fine - the acans are already open with a feeding response. But the basto and zoas didn't make it. So sorry man I feel terrible...I failed hard.
  12. I'd say blue, elite AND purigen are overkill. I run elite and GFO carbon which seems to work well on my new tank. You're likely robbing the tank of all nutrients which can be beneficial for corals.
  13. Enjoy the beers and thanks for all the swag. You are a gentleman and a scholar sir.
  14. alpinestar

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    designers are new to me but are you getting them all from the same source? perhaps inbreeding in your stores supplier?
  15. alpinestar

    Fulltang's First Tank (Fluval Evo 13.5)

    Sorry if I missed it, what did you use for the DIY media basket? Tank setup looks superb and very well thought out!