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  1. I am running the noopsyche on a 17g cube. The controller is shit but the light is great.
  2. During a water change tonight I moved my recliner which sits near the tank and found a hermit shell under the chair. Assuming it had escaped the makeshift lid lords knows when and had long since passed away to hermit heaven, I nearly tossed it. But I had just brought home a green slimer acro and blue stylophora so I decided to drop it in the LFS water bag instead. I checked the sink an hour later and no signs of life from the shell. Nearly tossed it again then said to myself...#### it...drop it in the tank and if nothing else it will serve as another apartment option for the other hermits. An hour later I'm sitting down enjoying the tank and out pops some little claws. The little fella survived. Had no idea hermits were that resilient.
  3. fantastic! you really made the most out of your space with that aquascape, deceivingly large.
  4. Finally tried out the Tamron 90mm macro. Going to be a learning curve but here are the best of the worst so far.
  5. looks amazing dre 🤙🤙
  6. 17g with a maroon and midas blenny here. I feed once every 2 days (sometimes 3) a moderate amount of mysis and also target feed the corals. In a small system I would be concerned with nutrient overload. Everything is happy and the fish are plump. This schedule also allows me to head out for a long weekend without being concerned about missing a meal or arranging someone to drop by and feed.
  7. Everything is running smoothly. Params : 79 Degrees 1.025 Salinity 9.3 Alk 430 Calcium 1417 Mag Nitrate 5 Phosphate .01 Added a grey and green favia. @1891Bro 's acans are recovering from the nuclear peroxide blast and the gsp is open. They are all slowly regaining colors. Fashioned a custom screen top while I wait in que for the safe top lid fusion vent. Installed the new LED fixture and I am slowly ramping up the power to make sure no one gets shocked with the new par levels.
  8. Goby/Pistol Shrimp combo would be cool. Or a firefish.
  9. Awesome tank, that midas looks radical under that spec! Almost fluorescent.
  10. Chillin on the porch with the crab.
  11. No issues so far! I dig the dimensions and the sump is functioning perfectly. No media caddies or premade tops though...diy or custom order. Been seeing this alot lately. Love or posturing? No nipped fins on either...almost like the clown is trying to host the blenny.
  12. Got the order from safe top lids in. This is the gulag setup while I wait.
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