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  1. TheonlyDaan

    Starfish hitchhiker

    Could you post a photo please, it would help to identify the little guy 🙂
  2. TheonlyDaan

    Red Sea Max Nano upgrade

    @Metatrone-ozAny updates on the tank? Love your setup!
  3. TheonlyDaan

    Aqamai KPS Powerhead

    In case you're not aware... there's a small push button at the back of the controller puck. Hold for 3 secs and the pumps pause for 10 mins for feeding. More convenient than using the app each time
  4. TheonlyDaan

    Firefish's 10G rimless "The Island" FIRST CORALS! :D

    How do you like the light so far? Thinking of getting on myself for my waterbox cube 20😉
  5. TheonlyDaan

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    What light is that ur using?