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  1. I know this an old thread, but I actually got a “bonus” which was used to get a Red Sea max 170, with the sump. I have found this addiction and I am working on building a custom system, building the tank the whole part. It will hopefully be 4x2x2 or if I can find space in the budget it’ll be 5x2x2, this build will take awhile (I’m also taking my sweet time) but I just wanted to update the thread. I also wanted to provide viewers with the fact that if you are looking for a budget tank and your into fish keeping, wait for a larger budget, it will be more enjoyable, and YOU WILL WANT TO UPGRADE. Hope this helped.
  2. I might try one, but I just spilled a thing of chemi pure in my tank and im pissed.... I might try a dragonet, I just want to hear peoples success story, im also just gonna add 10 gallons of rock to the sump (it was lying around) so maybe I can see what happens.
  3. I was taking the filter floss out of my media basket and my bag of chemipure blue spilt all into my DT, its everywhere and its settling on the corals and such, I added a filter sock to help pull it out but is this bad, can I just leave it?? Please help!
  4. I think if the only other fish I add are clowns my filtration could take it, I also do my water changes religiously. And now could I just put rock in the sump, or do the pods need light and algae? I could set up a small hang on huge with a Fiji cube or an aquaclear 110 or 70 as a fuge. I would love to have a mandarin, and im not bad at training fish to eat different food, but its a huge hassle. Ive heard that everything but there diet is great. But the problem with the ORA is there never in stock, ive been stocking the site everyday for like a month and nothing... And my friends who have been looking for months haven't seen many pop up. My LFS also usually has a good selection so I can get a healthy one, thats nice and plump.
  5. So If had my tank for about 2 and a half months and everything I have added has been doing great, even the sps that snuck its way in on the rock one of my leathers was on. I have already dosed my tank with trigger pods twice; once a month, just because I think there beneficial, but the first time the "boss of the house" saw a mandarin dragnet she said that I need that (she's already let me have 4 tanks, and she's never liked a fish so much, besides my wrasse) I have a 45 cube (24x24x18ish) with a 10 gallon sump, but I don't have a fuge. I do see quite healthy ones at my LFS, and I would have it with a Lubbock's fairy wrasse, and a clown goby, and possibly down the line a clownfish pair. Im pretty sure none of these fish would compete for the pods? Im willing to pay for the pods, and im pretty good at getting fish to eat prepared, I taught my freshwater puffer to eat pellets, and my freshwater pipefish too eat flakes (I know freshwater ughhh). Thoughts? I really like this fish and would love to have one in my reef. FYI its a mixed reef with a eshopps 120 and about 45 LBS of rock (maybe) Photos below (photos are from a month ago I got more corals now). Any opinions and experiences much appreciated! 😉
  6. So I didn't have a good experience with my ATO micro, so my LFS let me exchange it with a Neptune ATK (for only $50 extra so I technically got $15 off) but again, im not having a good experience with ANOTHER ato, both of which are some of the best regarded ATOs out there. The beep is a single beep but the pump isn't running the beeping just got off, even if the pump doesn't run for 5 minutes. Both sensors are underwater but thats because the ATK filled it up to that spot. The ATK is a standalone setup (for now) but the beeping is so annoying and if had better luck just doing manual top off over using this Neptune one. Any thoughts are much appreciated (anyone with the ATK?) Thanks!
  7. Alright, Ill probably go check out the store, any other opinions?
  8. So basically I have a quite simple question... Ive had my tank running for about 5 weeks, but my params and quite stable. The only things I have in my tank are 3 leathers, a zoa frag, and a mushroom (with a clown goby and snails). I wouldn't really be considering this but I have two reasons, number one, theres a great sale at my LFS (don't know how much backing this has but hey, it temps me), the second Is the real reason, I had some encrusting montipora sneak in on one of the rocks that my leather was on, and it quite open, it was already quite bleached but its covering back up, so maybe I could try a few easy LPS corals? Or could I get another softie and try to wait another week or two just to be safe?
  9. Alright, I think I have a nice niche spot for a eyphyllia garden, moderate flow and pretty good light, also easy to isolate from others, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just move it.
  10. Thats the best photo I have, ill take more tonight once im home, also do you think hammers would try to sting zoos about them??
  11. I could also put them on the top shelf, in just worried that’s too much flow... and it might eventually touch my zoa area.
  12. Alright, so would it be smart to detocate a shelf to my euphilia? Do they grow super tall or could u have some vertical zoos above them? I just want a coral that can be facing away frog where your looking and you can still see it?
  13. I don’t believe they do, but do Duncan’s utilize sweepers? Cause I have a super spot for in, just I don’t want it sting everything around it.
  14. So I just got my first batch of corals, and oh my god, I feel the addiction, and the money briskly floating out of my account... Im already planning my next batch, which Is gonna be in about 2ish weeks, and I have questions on placement. If my softies that I picked up (3 leathers, a 10 head zoa frag and a rodactus muchroom that I spelled wrong) if they all do good im gonna clear my self onto so basic LPS, like a hammer, blasto, maybe a candy cane, and a big maybe to a scoly (want to make sure I don't kill it) but basically im mostly concerned with the placement of the hammer, or frog spawn which ever I choose. I eventually want a Duncan sort of near it, but based on the way I drilled the rock (for frag plugs) there would be about 3ish inches apart, which I know is to close, but the hammer would be about 2 inches higher than it, and to top it off they would be facing different directions. Another thing im concerned with is that I will be putting the hammer a little low and facing out just near my top shelf, which is where id like to keep my finger leather, or maybe a birds nest if I ever get into sps, so I'm worried the Hammer would grow out to sting the coral, I will try my best to get a photo, and I hope what I said made sense and I didn't just ramble. (I will get the photo once it loads)
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