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  1. Little update the cycle is finished!!! The lights are mounted and the water diverter is installed still working out the kinks with the design but works for now. Now I’m gonna turn on the lights and wait for the algae to start and add my cleanup crew then let it go for a few more weeks till I add fish. We are putting our house on the market soon. I might wait till the new house to add fish and just have corals for now until after the move not sure yet. I have two tanks to move luckily they are small. I’m gonna move the fish tanks separate from the moving day. House goes on the market early April. Gonna be a busy time I’ll update as I can. One pic for now excuse the glass. Ew
  2. Pretty awesome just looked into my live rock aio chamber with a flashlight just out of curiousity and I found a big white sponge and a big yellow sponge the pics suck as it’s hard to get a good angle from above.
  3. Aquami KPS is a decent option for a little over 100 dollars I have one in my 13.5
  4. Thanks. I kno right everything seems to be growing quite well esp the acans and blasto seems almost every few days I notice new things growing. And yes they are haha figured I need so zoas they were never my favorite but I do actaully like them more than I thought I would. I’m sure they will spread out nicely I’m gonna mount them on the middle rock this weekend
  5. Went to reefworks this past weekend!! Was pretty great show lots of things to look at I picked up some gsp for the five gallon and a rock flower nem (for when the tank is ready). But I got another ricordea for the nano and two different zoa frags.
  6. I don’t think it’s the heat nanoreeFan is curious abt? Are u thinking the exposure to intense light over a long time? And the light itself doesn’t generate a lot of heat it has a good sized heat sink I haven’t noticed it heating up over the course of an hour. I let it run for an hour when I got it. But haven’t installed on the tank as I am still cycling....stubborn cycle for sure
  7. Temp just dropped to 77.7 Think I’m might just buy an inkbird I have one on the nano mind as well but one for this tank too....
  8. Well amazon finally arrived the other day. Wasn’t happy with the heater (hydor) the thermostat was off and the temp fluctuated too much. Went and bought a Eheim and that seems a lot better but it’s alot bigger as well. That room doesn’t have direct heating during the day the temp is pretty stable at 80. But at night the temp drops to 78.5 but we have a oil heater on at night seems ok still working out keeping the temp as stable as I can. Got the cheato light as well but won’t be using that for now as the system is new. Light mounts will be done today as well as a flow redirect for the aquaclear After it’s installed I’ll update. The cycle is well underway now. One week in things looking good.
  9. I started cycling my 5.5 gallon yesterday. It has an aquaclear 70 running I love The flow seems to aggiatate everything well. The only problem is the sand below the outflow is now dug out I can see the glass and there are two huge piles on each side. I want to baffle the flow coming out to disperse it more randomly. Has anyone done this? Don’t really want to use a smaller impeller as I don’t want to have a power head In The tank because it’s too small for all that. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  10. How do I change my title or add too it in the journals section?
  11. Some shots from tonight showing some good growth esp from the acans.The Red acan has grown 4 new heads. And the the green and blue has also grown 5 new heads. Gsp has doubled in size no surprise there. Frogspawn has almost finished splitting. And finally the blasto is also growing two new heads. Colors are coming out nice. The only slow grower I have is a Ricordea but has grown abt 25% since I got it.
  12. Blue bucket is good to go liking the number and ease of mixing!
  13. Oh and don’t worry that heater is not the one I’m using that’s my water change heater lol. Amazon packages are late....again seems like happens a lot lately. The fuge light and heater will be here hopefully by the end of the day or Monday who really knows
  14. Alright the tank is wet! I mixed about 9 gallons last night 7 for the new tank and 2 for the other tank. Had some extra but I wanted to make sure I had more than enough. Then I rinised the sand and the rock scape in rodi water. Little tip, they make a bag for baby socks that is meant for the washing machine that is super fine. Works amazingly well for rinsing sand. I had one they we never used for anything. This bag came with my aquaclear gonna use it for sumo rock will make It easy to take out and clean the aquaclear once a month. Added some nitrifying bacteria and some frozen lrs food. And two big pieces of filter floss that has been simmering in my other tank for two weeks! And there you have it! It wet and it’s running well. Time to wait! In the mean time I’m just enjoying my other tank and continuing to regular maintenance. Reef works here in Seattle is in a couple weeks I’ll be going to that. Probably going to pick up a couple frags for each tank. Though they will probbaly all go in my other tank till this one is ready!
  15. Thanks haha just needed something and didn’t have acrylic rod haha and no not yet plan is to get the tank wet the weekend after next as this coming weekend is my wife’s birthday. Pretty excited to fill it up tho and get the cycle going. I’ll probably throw in some turbo start and some filter floss from my other tank. Still need to purchase a heater and get my light for the refugium. My spending money this week went to salt because my fritz salt is not working out. The levels are all too high. Go figure lol
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