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  1. Bought Instant Ocean salt. Gonna keep 2-3 five gallon jugs on hand and couple 5 gallon buckets ready with salt mix. Got a refractometer and a TDS meter to check water source and salt mixes. I’m an OCD person so I’ll stay on top of cleaning, water changes, and other maintenance.
  2. This sounds like recommended setup of many. I’ll take advice on basket. I don’t want to tinker or change things that are unnecessary. That is the heater I ordered. Hopefully I’ll have water in by next week. Taking my time. I’m getting 5 gallon containers of distilled water. As many as I like for free. Friends with manager who runs local well known water company. He showed me tests at plant distilled water had less TDS than R/O water. Distilled ( not using copper) is purest form of water. Minerals are added to R/O for taste.... unless you make your own. Figured for a 16 gallon tank not necessary.
  3. Question? Is the media basket in biocube 16 sufficient for the tank? Or is the Intank media basket worth upgrade? Also suggestion on setup to use in media basket? Best setup for chambers. Any other must do mods before I add water and get started???? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Thanks for all the responses and helpful advice. I’m slow on response time due to small children, activities, work etc....I have been moving slow. Got salt, mixing equipment, refract meter, TDS meter to check water before salt, water test kit API, 50 watt neo therm and back up heater, got free protein skimmer form coarlife when I purchased tank. Will be ordering live rock from Tampa Bay saltwater soon. Will overnight air with live sand. Moving slow lots of reading and research at this point!
  5. Hello, I’m new to the reef building community. I started scuba diving 14 years ago and love the the underwater reef world. I got certified as a Divemaster and began training others to dive.....and then my wife and I started our own family with two beautiful children. Now my time spent underwater on the reefs is limited. I thought if I can’t be on the reef diving maybe I can bring the reef home!! So I ordered a bio cube 16 gallon tank and will be ordering live rock package from Tampa Bay Salt water. Was looking for suggestions on best way to store salt water, heater to use, pump, etc. Also should I change pump on biocube? Also I know sometimes tinkering with things to much causes more problems. Open to any other suggestions. After looking at some tanks on this site I’m really excited about starting the reef building hobby. Also some suggestions on heater controller, tank cleaning supplies, etc...Thanks!!