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  1. If you do, just wanted to ask if you have any suggestions for keeping it a bit quieter, if yours is noisy at all. Mine is pretty loud, with a gurgling, bubbling sort of humming. I've added a rubber band below the o-ring so it'll fit a little tighter and seal a bit better. Otherwise, this thing is a work-horse. Love it, and no complaints.
  2. JurisReefer

    Can someone provide me with information on hammer coral?

    Not much to say about them IMO. I've seen people mount them anywhere (height wise) with success. Low to moderate flow. I've had success with hammers in lower flow, medium light placements, just slightly swaying with the current. If you plan to frag it down the line, I'd try to get a branching kind, as opposed to a wall, although those can be fragged as well. They're pretty tough, but my experience has been mixed. I have two, and one of them is a complete champ, round, puffy, all the heads are compact and together, but then I also have one who took on a lot of stress during my two-hour drive from the LFS and is just not recovering after about two weeks. Don't stress if it comes in and takes a couple of days to look good. Last point- nothing against LiveAquaria, I've never purchased anything from them, but I'd keep an eye out from coral vendors where you can see what you're getting before you buy. They usually label them as "WYSIWYG"
  3. JurisReefer

    How do people get spherical acan/zoa colonies?

    Yup.. that is exactly what I'm looking for. Serious zoa envy. Thanks for the reply that's an amazing collection you have there.
  4. JurisReefer

    How do people get spherical acan/zoa colonies?

    Fair enough. Thanks for the reply! Follow up question: How'd you get that first picture? Whenever I take pictures of my tank with all the whites on the corals look awful, and even with the expensive clip-on filters I don't get shots that clear. What I mean to say is- that's an awesome shot what did you take it on? I figured there was no first-born sacrificing to be done, but thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks for the reply!
  5. I think they're way more visually appealing than otherwise. Only thing I can think of is maybe a spherical rock? But they seem too perfect to be that simple. Anyone know the secret? Who do I sacrifice my first born to? Feel free to show off pics of your enviably round colonies.
  6. JurisReefer

    14g biocube copepods

    I've personally never heard of anyone having issues with them overpopulating. You can always get a smaller goby down the road if you start to see them and don't like it. It's my understanding as well that they really improve the system's microfauna and help with some types of algae. I will say even fish that don't exclusively consume pods will go after some. I put in a bottle of tigger pods and watched in shock as my two itty-bitty clownfish were basically filter-feeding on them, mouths open, as I poured them in. Honestly, with pods, I think the benefits of establishing a good population outweigh the potential for overpopulation, which again, I've never heard of anyone citing as a complaint.
  7. JurisReefer

    Yellow Jawfish feeding question?

    Long story short, I added a yellow jawfish to my tank that already has two clowns. I haven’t seen much of him as he stays in his burrow almost always. Some days I’ll see him poke his head out to remake his cave, but aside from that I don’t see much of him. I generally feed reef frenzy that I chop up into smaller pieces and add mysis to. I try not to overfeed, so I don’t think he’s getting much, if any, and he doesn’t come out when I feed. Does anyone have any tips on feeding jawfish? I’ve thought of squirting some food into the cave with a coral feeder, but I also don’t want tons of leftover food in his home if he doesn’t eat it.
  8. JurisReefer

    Drop your Instagram tags!

    Since realizing none of my friends or family really care for the pictures and videos I share with them of my cube, I decided to make an Instagram page for it. (@jurisreefer) I also thought it would be a cool way of meeting other people in the hobby that might not be on this forum. Check it out, and if you like it, a like and/or follow would be awesome! If your reef has a page, drop the tag in the comments and I'll check it out too! Thanks and happy holidays from my reef to yours! @jurisreefer
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    Almost embarrassed to ask this

    We share the same of humor. I've joked too many times about just filling the thing with gasoline, putting in some NoPox, and lighting a match. Somehow people still miss the joke. They probably don't know how much money I have sunk into this glass box
  10. JurisReefer

    Almost embarrassed to ask this

    Definitely dinos. Thanks everyone for the responses. I've been away for a couple of days and they're still going strong. Going to get my fuge running again, introduce some pods, and decrease my photoperiod and feeding.
  11. JurisReefer

    Almost embarrassed to ask this

    Thanks for all of your responses. Bummed its cyano, but at least now I can figure out what to do.
  12. JurisReefer

    College Student in Need of Survey Responses

    Just finished the survey. Congratulations!
  13. JurisReefer

    Almost embarrassed to ask this

    Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Those were the things I was testing for during the cycle. Phosphates were .50ppm last I checked two days ago
  14. JurisReefer

    Almost embarrassed to ask this

    Here are some shots with the blue light off
  15. Basically, I might have some diatoms. The tank is fully cycled (0,0, .5-.10 ppm). I managed to avoid any bad diatoms during the cycle, but maybe 2 weeks later I can't seem to shake these brown, "stringy" diatoms on the sandbed and rock work. I'm starting to think they might not be diatoms because all of my corals seem to be closed up, and even with water changes and siphoning the sand, they come back. I've started using Polyplab's One, and since then all of my corals have been closed up, so it could also be that. Does anyone have any thoughts to share on this? Sorry for the blue in the pictures, but you can best tell in the one of the rock, and I just ripped some of it off this morning, but you can see it from the acan in the bottom right corner of the second picture .