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  1. The zoas are looking good. And good luck on your endeavour.
  2. I run the 24-36" ic pro on my 20 long. Im going to try some "beginner" sps soon. @WV Reefer runs the ic pro on her 12 gallon tank also. She might have more insight for you.
  3. Next moring and tank has cleared up nicely.everything is still a little mad and lights have just come on. Hammer and frogspawn are the most upset, along with my firefish. zoas aren't quite as upset and the chalice I picked up yesterday
  4. Next few days didn't happen but my tanks are officially changed out. Before No after yet tank us cloudy as could be, and every thing is pissed off right now. Did pick up a couple new corals today at the lfs Valentine's day sale this nice big zoa rock and a chalice i forgot to get a pic of. And one last pic of a favia just because i think the colors coming out in it are awsome.
  5. I have that exact bag and have used it in my planted tank for a couple years with no problems. I don't use floss on my reef though so I couldn't tell you about that.
  6. I have the 24-36" ic pro on my 20 long. And I have it turned up fairly high. But I'm also trying to maximize light in the hopes of getting a couple sps at the top of my rock work. I also have 2 of the current wave pumps, the 1050 gph versions, and I have no complaints whats so ever. My tank is right beside my bed and I can't hear them.
  7. Well after working a 32 hour shift and going to all 5 pet stores in the area, not one of them had a 29 gallon tank only. Everything was a 29 gallon kit and I wasn't about to spend $150 on a tank and a bunch of stuff I didn't need. Went back to 1 if the 2 places that had a 20 long and picked that up. Now to get the back and side painted and everything else ready. Hopefully I can get them changed out in the next few days.
  8. I don't know what happened. I'm thinking it might have been my 2 y/o. Asked my wife if anything happened while she was upstairs with them and she said no. So i honestly have no idea.
  9. It's not that deep. But the possibility of a crack forming and growing is what im concerned with.
  10. Interesting development tonight. I went upstairs, my tank is in my bedroom, to check my salinity on my water change water and as i was looking the tank over good i noticed a chip in the glass. I have no idea how it go there or what caused it but its in the middle of the front panel. I'm at a loss as to what to do. Should I just let it be? Should I replace the tank? Should I get a slightly larger tank (29)? I need help and suggestions please. sorry for the bad pic its hard to get my phone to focus on the glass.
  11. Epoxy the arch together and you can move it as one peice. Is the rock on the left side a singe or multiple? If multiple just do the same. Once epoxy cures its all one rock for all intents and purposes. Just be gentle picking it up and moving it and you have nothing to worry about.
  12. You got off better than me. We bought the house my wife wanted with the pool she had to have. I still haven't gotten the pole barn i wanted😢. A 120 is a whole nother animal from a 20. There is a huge difference between my 20 reef and my 65 gallon planted tanks.
  13. Everything other than the kedds red zoa is going good. I have now lost all of the kedds and no idea why. When I lost the last polyp it was open all day and looked good when I went to bed at 11. When I got up at 530 it was completely gone. Same thing happened with the final 3 polyps from that frag. I've been checking my incredible hulks and counting polyps every morning when I get up, i get home from work, and before i go to sleep. 11 every time. But I did go back to when I first got it and I have gained 2 polyps on that frag. I also started to slowly increase my lighting. I went from 50 to 55 blue, stayed at 13 white, 10 to 13 red and green. All corals responded nicely (did this after i lost the last kedds red). I plan to keep bumping my lights up slowly until i see a negative response. Took my 2 year old to the fish store and he had to have nemo. So after hearing from him for the last month about wanting nemo i finally gave in. so suprise I present nemo the clown fish. I'm thinking about getting a black and white to pair here soon.
  14. Buying a house is funish. Signing all the papers gets old really fast, but its so exciting the first time you do it. But in all seriousness congrats on the new house.