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  1. Slim64684

    Hi, new nano reefer

    Current lists par data on their website. I think it's air par not par in water but should give you a general idea. They list the orbit marine at 120 par, the orbit marine ic at 160 par and the ic pro at 220 par.
  2. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    Pretty sure it was excess light. There was a 18 foot covered deck out the doors right by the tank and i enlarged the deck and removed the roof allowing more light in. Boom algae explosion, the side of the tank is now black to block the light and im slowly winning the battle. Adding extra plants didn't hurt either.
  3. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    I think this thread could use some life so here we go.....Im currently battling a some hair algae but its getting better. And just because I'm always intrigued by "in stand" pics I'll throw this in too.Sorry about the glare on the right side, but we can't always control the sun. And to get back on topic i turned the light on on the 20 just to check timers. I'll turn it back off tomorrow, I really don't like to battle algae.
  4. Slim64684

    Do you think I'm ready to add a clown?

    You can get ammonia from Ace Hardware also. And pure ammonia will work. Just make sure its not scented and doesn't have any surfactants in it.
  5. Slim64684


    I use a jager in an inline setup.
  6. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    This is my design for an ato/ water change level set.Using 2 relays and 2 float switches i can keep my top off pump from running dry as both floats are connected in series so both have to be closed to run the top off but i can also plug my water change pump into the second relay and use only the display float to set my level. With the parts i have laying around and about $40 in new parts (minus an ato resivour) i can get this done.
  7. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    Still don't see a drop in nitrite but nitrate is up to 20ppm so I know my cycle is still progressing. Also with all the extra surface agitation caused by the powerhead and the slight bump in temp (seeing a solid 76.8-77°F now) I'm losing close to a gallon of water every 3 days. Might be time to invest in an ato. If I do it will more than likely be a diy project as i enjoy those kinds of things.
  8. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    I'm not an artful person and due to the fact i had my tank running as a planted tank when I decided to go salt the cardboard was my only option. It did work out quite well though.
  9. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    This waiting game is killing me. I wish I could seed this tank from my freshwater planted. I have some night out 2 but i dont know if it will really help that much or not. I did get a little bit of cord management done tonight as well as i noticed some salt on the side of my canister. No water though. not the prettiest but better than it was. I still need to figure out a better solution for my mixing bucket pump and heater cord. Also I've noticed my tank temp swinging about 1-1.5°F. I think it might be partially due to my heater being inline under the stand. I looked at the inkbird heater controllers to only find multiple reports of issues with them so I am open to suggestions.
  10. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    I feel like I keep typing the same thing over and over. Waiting on nitrites to drop. But I did get the light an powerhead in today and got them hooked up. Still need to do some cord cleanup but turned everything on for a quick pic.tank is much brighter in person. Gonna have to figure out how to take better pics.
  11. Slim64684

    20L Sump/Fuge

    .what about using something like this then using more 45° to get where you need to be and using the ball valves to even out flow?
  12. Slim64684

    Slims 20 long

    Cycle is progressing 0 ammonia tested tonight. Now if i could just process those pesky nitrites. Also light and powerhead should be here Tuesday.
  13. Slim64684

    20L Sump/Fuge

    I know in water/sewer utilities they use a double 45 to create a "sweep 90" with the theory being the longer the turn the less restriction=more flow
  14. Slim64684

    20L Sump/Fuge

    If you could use 45° elbows instead of 90° elbows it would lessen the plumbing restriction increasing flow and reducing head pressure. Are the returns going to come up over the top of the tank or through a bulkhead? The added 90° fittings to go up and over would add to the head pressure.
  15. Slim64684

    20L Sump/Fuge

    I would run it after floss just to try to reduce detritus that gets caught in it