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  1. cocodriz

    WV Reefer’s Teeny, Tiny and Dirty

    I'm too excited for this project of yours! Good luck, I can't wait for the updates!
  2. cocodriz

    Iremía - cocodriz’s first pico jar

    Got back from a vacation that ended up with being hospitalized (all better now), to find this little teeny guy making his way across my jar. Any idea of what starfish he is? doesnt look like a Aesterina to me but what do I know, lol. Sorry it’s blurry, my phone kept wanting to focus on the rock behind him. Hopefully someone can help ID this guy. It was the only picture I could snag before he disappeared.
  3. cocodriz

    Iremía - cocodriz’s first pico jar

    Wow... I don't think you guys realize how much of a mistake it was starting a cycle a week before all these Black Friday frag sales. I definitely should have timed this better... lol. Oh well... so I miss a few good prices on some of my favorite frags. It's the way she goes. Other than that, cycle is going healthy, I've seen a baby aiptasia and will definitely wait to deal with him when he's a little bigger. I don't wanna screw up and end up with aiptasia everywhere lol. Will continue to cycle in darkness and when I come back from my Thanksgiving trip hopefully everything will test smoothly.
  4. Hope you're doing okay, car accidents are never fun. Other than that, your tank is coming along nicely, any plans to swap to BB? I'm curious of how irritating that stuff can be for a 20G long.
  5. Thanks, I’ll give it a go this afternoon.
  6. Cool, thanks! Are the sponges okay to leave in there? I’ve got a bunch more of the white sponges now that I’m thoroughly looking through my tank. Thanks for the ID, I kind of figured they were dead but wanted a more experienced opinion. Got any tips on removal? I see a few spores here and there around my tank, most of them look dead although the one in the picture is the most healthy looking one.
  7. Hey all, I’m hoping you guys can help me out with some ID. I just got this live rock yesterday so my tank is still slowly revealing itself to me. I had a couple questions on these specific pictures. I circled the area in question for ease. This first picture I’d like to know what this little guy is/does ontop of my live rock. The second picture is the “hairy” white scruff under my rock The third pic is just some eggs or bulbs out in the open I’m a little curious about and the 4th & 5th pic is a large something that looks attached to the rock. At first it looked like montipora but again thats just a guess and I have no clue. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. cocodriz

    Iremía - cocodriz’s first pico jar

    Thank you! It’s still so amazing to me that these rocks are so full of life. I’m not even sure how to begin identifying all these creatures.
  9. cocodriz

    Iremía - cocodriz’s first pico jar

    Thank you! I'll test the levels of ammonia and see where I stand.
  10. Hey all, I’ve been a regular lurker here for awhile and I finally had the time to put this together. This is actually my first saltwater tank. Yes that’s right. I have actually been a freshwater fanatic my entire life althought I have always wanted to start a saltwater tank. I love the simplicity and style of a pico reef and I’m very pleased to say that I have finally started my cycling. Now I hope in this thread I can take you guys along the challenges and rewards of my first saltwater tank. Here is what I’m running in Iremía: Tank: 2g Glass Jar at Walmart (I realize this is a popular tank style) Heater: 10W mini heater which seems to be doing the job perfectly so far. The tank is always around 79.9F Airflow: A small single hose bubbler from my LFS. Doing a great job at creating and maintaining a healthy flow. Light: 18W LIFEGARD multispectrum light, poisitioned about 15 inches above the lid of my jar. And yes I plan to do weekly water changes using R/O saltwater from my LFS. I actually decided to not go with live sand due to some of the comments I’ve read about the upkeep being too much of a hassle in a small tank. As stated earlier I had begun my cycling today, so I will be testing the water once every 2-3 days. In the meantime I’m absolutely mezmorized by all the hitchhikers on my live rock(I purchased about 3.5 lbs). I’m not too familiar with a lot of these guys. I’m also hoping an extra pair of eyes by some seasoned reefers might be able to asist me, especially with whatever it is that looks like a peice of lettuce on the side of my rock, lol. Also any tips/tricks/or comments are greatly appreciated. I hope you all enjoy and I will be sure to post any exciting updates back here.