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  1. Kessil A80 will grow just about it all. Learn from my mistake and look into getting a RODI unit as well and a TDS meter.
  2. Nevvy


    Looks Amazing!
  3. +1 keep stable parameters It'll be okay. I had mine do the same when i moved it around and over time it healed up.
  4. Nevvy

    Top Fin 5gal tank

    Hey Triple, Using the Kessil A80, but the Fluval knock-off from petco :) Definitely wish the wife would let me get a RedSea 170! Thanks for checking out my tank!
  5. Nevvy

    Top Fin 5gal tank

    Hey Chris, Will have to do that on the next update! Thanks!
  6. Nevvy

    Top Fin 5gal tank

    1st Reef attempt, will update with pics :)
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