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  1. i wanted to see this fourms community and see just how accurate and behaved it was and only 20 percent are good the other 80 percent are toxic people so im done here if you and that is damn stupid and if you could not care less then why bother reply people like you ruin fourms and yes you are one of softest people i ever met get hurt because i tried this place out basically and again you as a person its funny how all the toxic people like you are from december 2018 before me so in my eyes you are all attention seekers now i dont want to hear from you again
  2. hmm funny i wonder why i did not listen... maybe cause i didnt need it? i already told you and now this should be over (and it should a long time ago) why would i cooperate with people who are completly triggered by it damn you guys are not snow in 40 celcius weather god damnit look you guys get what you give now this conversation is OVER!
  3. its not a freindly fourm when you take the side of somone who calls you an obtuse dick. not one bit. maybe its not "polite" to troll but i have been on my fair share of fourms and was trying to find the best one.... looks like this one is far from that title. its quite a shame for people who actually are helpful and patient then you have the people who ruin it all
  4. never said it did and have you ever typed on a 2 inch keyboard on a phone? its not like a pc. look i dont like argueing with people now im done fighting with you
  5. thats the point i wasnt 13. it was all part of the plan... i am actually 24 lol and really it was all part of a plan you as somone who has been on this fourm a less long time than me should not be a hypocrite and start harrassment on people ya dont even know. the reason why your a hypocrite os because you are calling me 13 while you also write like your 5? thats kind of funny.
  6. to be honest my fish have been doing great this whole time i have been testing... trolling sorta i wanted to see just how people on this fourm would be i passed my fallow a wgile ago and those photos you saw of my tank was a full year ago i was trying to act like this and i knew about fallow before i even started i know that i may have dragged it on for too long but i did it never the less i am done trolling now. my tank is healthy now those photos i showed you were a last year crash i recovered from... the ich was a mix of issues from a new fish introducing it and temp swinds did not help as a matter of factly i have not added much since i sent those photos i added a designer last month but look you people do a good job and im proud of that some of my things i mentiomed were true though i will be honest those things i said in a recent post was what i thought recently about my fallow and still to this day am only 97% sure my tank is safe i will never be 100%. so sugestion things were technically my "true posts" where i was lookin for a bit of help
  7. ever since i had no reason to belive it was ich and those leasions i thijk had to do with an accdental mistake i did with salt i has some salt creep on my light and i knocked some in the tank i think i burned the fish when i hit them with the disolving salt and even there it was not being transmitted to either my wrasse or other chromis the one that had it has recovered and is looking good ever since i had no sight of ich on any of my fish im am 97% sure its gone i put a clown that i had at my freinds house being qted 5 weeks later i decided to see if it would get sicm and a week with it in there and its doing exeptionally well and now i am much more careful buying my fish today i found a blue tang at my lfs with flukes and i would never buy a fish when its sick or in the same tank as a sick fish so overall to answer your question no they are not clearly sick as my fizh havent died since and evem there i still monitor on a day by day basis making sure my fish are doing well and bythe way with a protien skimmer a 120g uv sterilizer and a 70g filter i think the ich was exterminated a while ago in its swimming phase so yeah its 97 percent chamce of it being safe.
  8. its really size and aggression dependant but i would say around 3 more let me know if this is fine with 4 other fish in a 55 gallon tank tell me if its ok to add more or should keep less
  9. looks like a type of coral or anemone maybe a majano which if so get rid of it
  10. agreed once it killed a 100 dollar fish that i have dresmed of owning get killed by my emerald it hurt me but to add insult to onjurt he left the body for my army of hermits and my 3 shrimps to eat it
  11. i can say that its a good 70 percent chance a zoa/paly but otherwise it can be a nem or even some other coral
  12. i need ideas of COLORFUL fish to add to a 55 gallon feel free to let me know any ideas here are some thing i want to note 1:it must be reef safe 2:it should be really colorful 3: try not to give out wrasses , clowns or damsels as i have some of those and im looking for somthing new to try ex. anthias (just be maybe a little more specific)
  13. ok im currently out and got a new coral it looks like a pink xenia almost but smaller stem when i get back i will get a photo
  14. i guess but when its opened it looks like purple grass with green tips i surly does not look like a mushroom but i dont know