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  1. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    Thanks I'll deff look into that. And again all thanks for helping me out here
  2. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    Hmm I really didn't know it was old school just what I've always done but thanks for educating me. So what are the other methods of cycling without fish?
  3. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    Just to add I have always preferred a fish-in cycle as opposed to a fishless cycle. And just posting this FW pic cause I'm proud of this tank 😁😁
  4. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    I've kinda been thinking about that a bit worried there plus my last reef tank I had damsels and they seemed to aggressive. The tank hasn't even finished it's cycle so I'm just planning things not going to add any coral yet. But thanks for reminding me to slow down. Lol it's just so hard to
  5. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    Thanks! So the lighting won't really work well with torch and hammer corals?
  6. Alihardi1289

    Any advice please

    Hey I'm starting a 29 gallon reef after being out of the hobby for 6 years. The light is going to be a current USA 24 inch, just ordered today. Current stock is 1 female clown and 4 dasmles. I'm also getting a 10 gallon to use as my sump and overflow. Any advice on the tank, fish, coral, and lighting would be very appreciated thanks guys 😁 also getting more LR today.