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  1. Indeed! 😄 Milkyness is gone and coral is max extension atm. 🙂
  2. A couple of pictures with a slightly better camera.
  3. Vacuming when I do water change. 🙂 It's so simple to do at the same time since the siphon is there anyway. The leather was down for a week-ish but now it's in full bloom again, stronger than ever.
  4. Started doing by-weekly water changes instead. There's no need to do weekly since parameters stay good anyway. Only 2 small clown fish living there so there isn't much waste. The milky water disappeared with that as well. Maybe it's just the simple cause of 'don't fix what isn't broken'. Leaving the tank alone for as much as possible and it takes care of itself.
  5. The leather is shedding now. Maybe that is part of the reason. 🙂
  6. Some pads, filter wool and carbon. 🙂
  7. Currently got a slight bacterial bloom going on with slightly milky water. Changed 15 liters yesterday gonna change another 15 liters tomorrow. Also increased the Vortech speed temporarily to increase surface agitation. This risk of this happening is usually higher during the early stages of a tank so I'm not going to panic, fish are fine and all parameters are perfect.
  8. Been feeding my clowns twice a day. They get roughly five 1 mm pellets each per feeding. Did testing today which went well. Salinity 1.0265 Alkalinity 8.5 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 0 pH: 8.4 So far so good. The leathers are also quite interesting corals. They are really alive, they expand and retract lots of times during the day, and quickly too.
  9. It looks quite happy now I think. 🙂
  10. It fell over... Now I've sown the flat cut of the base onto the flat side of a rock. Hope it'll attach to it, will be easy to move it around later aswell if it does.
  11. Bigger than what I had in mind but it was the only one they had in stock atm and wasn't that expensive. 🙂 Next in line on the wish list is a toadstool leather on the left hand side rock.
  12. Moved it a bit making it a little agitated again. At least it's less cramped now and has more space to spread it's wings.
  13. Woke up today and the coral has opened back up! So I guess it is alive for now. It hasn't opened up as "flat" as it was in the store but that might also be because I've wedged it between the rocks so that it will stay in place. It really can't spread out however it want. It's a Sarcopyton/Lobophytum of some kind, with small/short polyps I think. More likely a green Lobophytum though?
  14. Got a leather coral today, added it to the front bottom of the tank after dipping & cutting off the rock from its base. Now its wedged abit between some rocks. Added quite alot of small rock around the main ones to make it look more natural. Where there is bigger rock there is also smaller ones. Lets hope the leather survives. 🙂
  15. Osmos is up! It's a simple easy line aqua medic RO unit with sediment prefilter, membrane and carbon filter. Then I've added a filter for iron and manganese and deionizer. EDIT: Oh and a timer controlled solenoid valve thingy.
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