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  1. Noobreefer90

    Yellow tang question

    Good to know
  2. Noobreefer90

    Yellow tang question

    Just picked up a large yellow tang and I have a open top tank with just a little flap on front of tank so most it’s open. Are tangs famous for jumping?
  3. Noobreefer90

    Distilled water question!!!

    Ok so I ran out of RODI top off water yesterday and my tank is in need of a top off will Walmart’s gv distilled water be ok to use to top off a few gallons I just don’t want any algae out breaks or anything from it. My lfs is a hr away didn’t want to make the trip today
  4. Noobreefer90

    Help with bullseye mushroom

    No and it’s in its only little place
  5. Noobreefer90

    Help with bullseye mushroom

    Anyone know
  6. Noobreefer90

    Help with bullseye mushroom

    Ok so I have noticed a lot lately that my mushroom has had these strange little green peaces on its sides and sometimes on top and I’ve watched them go away before. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it’s normal
  7. Noobreefer90

    Upper coral choices

    What’s some other corals that can be high flow / med up top
  8. Noobreefer90

    Upper coral choices

    No one
  9. Noobreefer90

    Upper coral choices

    I’ve been doing some coral arranging to help make them happy can tell a big difference but not almost all are on the sandbed or bottom rocks what’s some good corals for upper tank rockwork been thinking maybe multicolor hammer but idk if it’s in the same boat As the frogspawn will only be happy at bottom been thinking about maybe red cap but don’t know exactly where I would put that
  10. Noobreefer90

    Purple hammer questions

    Ok so I’ve had this purple hammer coral for maybe a month now maybe little longer and when I first got it it was nice and bushy about a week later it broke off it’s plug fell in the sand many times etc I had it on the rockwork till about a week ago I glued it back to its plug and placed it in the front of the tank in the sandbed now it’s tripled in size and possible split?this is the pic of when I first put it in sandbed
  11. Noobreefer90

    Duncan corals questions

    Atm I’m in a fishless ich treatment cycle right now since dec 22nd
  12. Noobreefer90

    Duncan corals questions

    Ok so I bought a 2 head Duncan’s awhile back maybe 3-4 weeks ago and I feed it every other day but all I feed is small nls fish pellets most of the time I soak them and bust them up and feed with a baby dropper but today I just dropped dry peace’s in the Duncan’s seem to be doing good and happy I have noticed good growth and for sure 1 new head has small tentacles poking out and on the other head two bumps possible 2 more new heads so is the nls a bad idea Other question how fast will the new heads grow I’ve noticed a little growth in the past week on the first baby head ive noticed but it former right after I added it into my tank. But since yesterday I have noticed more tentical and sticking out farther. And the other two bumps popped up fast and are getting big in a hurry I have my Duncan’s close to the bottom in flow that blows the tenticals both ways just sways in the flow not super hard
  13. Noobreefer90

    Bullseye mushroom coral question

    It was part of the mushroom looked like a seed
  14. Ok so I get home from work today and my bullseye mushroom had two green looking sports on it kinda looked like a seed but a few mins later they was gone anyone tell me what they might be
  15. Noobreefer90

    Tank lighting time

    And as of right now I have a hood on my tank and where the light was suppose to go the glass is missing and I have the light hovering about that maybe 4 inch’s should I make my tank open top and move the light up a little. My filter is slashing on my light and making dry salt on the less