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  1. Noobreefer90

    Help me pick Wavemaker

    Tank 14g biocube Ok so at the moment all I have to circlate my tank is a very small reptile water pump and my filter I’m wanting something cheap as a Wavemaker was thinking Koralia 425 is this to strong or not enough
  2. Noobreefer90

    Green star polyps (show me yours)

    Also I have some brown algae growing on my rocks and sand what is this and is it bad.
  3. Noobreefer90

    Green star polyps (show me yours)

    Nice tank. I have a small like fountain pump in there moves them a little but I’m going to get a Wavemaker soon it’s just a 14g biocube idk what to put in there that won’t be to much
  4. So I got a little batch of green star polyps non metallic about 5 days Ago. At first it didn’t want to come out but did a water change and now starting to come out even tho I have horrible lighting atm small Marineland led but I have a HIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light – Aquarium LED Lights 30W Saltwater Lighting Touch Control 3W Cree Chips Coral Reef Fish Nano Tank light on order expected to be here Friday but heres my polyps the day it come home2nd day 4th after closing up for a daytoday
  5. Noobreefer90

    Clownfish talk

    I’m going to remove the damsel today he’s been picking on the clown
  6. Noobreefer90

    Clownfish talk

    So last night I got a clownfish added it to my tank with my yellow tail damsel in a 14g biocube. I’ve read damsels and clowns can’t live together but as of now I haven’t seen any bullying or anything the damsel stays close to rocks and the clowns must have hosted the back wall because that’s where it stays most the time under the return of the filter. I tryed feeding my clown nls pellets and it didn’t even notice them and the damsel hogged them all
  7. Noobreefer90

    DIY protein skimmer question

    so I made this diy nano protein skimmer for my 14g biotope i have two Walmart blue air stones on it the thing is idk how far down in the filter it needs to be I put it to the bottom of the cup I get water in he collection cup and it’s not foaming yet need help
  8. Noobreefer90

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    Going to build a diy protein skimmer today going to add it to my sump that’s build on back of tank
  9. Noobreefer90

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    When I do the water change after I let the water clear do I need to change the polyfill should I add the white scrubby looking filter peace back and put polyfil in the very front right where water goes in the tank
  10. Noobreefer90

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    Just did a 50%+ wc I’ll test again tomorrow
  11. Noobreefer90

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    Will adding coral help with any of this or so I just have to wait till my levels are down to add corals my fish seems super happy in the tank tho chases me around the tank for food etc never hiding always out playing
  12. Noobreefer90

    Beginners talk cycling etc...

    So my tank has be up and running for over a week 14g biotope have had live rock and live sand added a bottle of bio spira. I’ve had a fish in the tank for about 4-5 days she the fish seems happy it’s a yellow tail damsel. I know it’s a bad idea to add fish yeaterday did my water tests and there is some ammonia and the nitrates are off the chart but no nitrite all I have in my filter atm is just polyfill and I have a water pump to circulate water gonna get wave maker soon I did a 15-20% wc last night but no change what should I do. Not running a slimmer or anything the temp is around 83
  13. Noobreefer90

    14g biocube start

    Well I did a 15-20% wc last night and I’m going to test water when I get home. I just want want to get everything ready for coral
  14. Noobreefer90

    14g biocube start

    Ok so I tested my water today was a little ammonia in there but lots or nitrates I just did a 15-20% water change
  15. Noobreefer90

    First Water test results

    So I finely got my test kit in today my tank has been running for about a week now live rock, live sand etc. here’s my test results my nitrates are really high and it looks that there is a little ammonia in the tank. Would a big water change help this.