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  1. Ok was wondering if all my corals from being broken from a snowflake eelmost are hardy corals only true worry is the pulsing Xenia on the edge of the rock in the bottom right
  2. ok so I got a rose bubble tip anemone almost a month ago. I know I added it to my tank to early but couldn’t pass it up. It’s been in the same spot for the month but the last week or so it partly sticks it tentical out maybe a few tenticals stays closed it’s at the top of the tank think that it’s not liking it that close to the light was thinking about trying to get it to detach and moving it close to the bottom noting has changed all my other corals are doing fantastic and growing like weedsThis is my lightHIPARGERO LED Aquarium Light – Aquarium LED Lights 30W Saltwater Lighting with Touch Control and 3W Cree Chips for Coral Reef Fish Nano Tank
  3. So you think that will be enough flow
  4. I picked up this large one head torch last night it’s tenticals are extending well question is do I have enough flow I’ve tryed getting it more flow where it is but it makes to much on my other corals
  5. Just picked up a large yellow tang and I have a open top tank with just a little flap on front of tank so most it’s open. Are tangs famous for jumping?
  6. Ok so I ran out of RODI top off water yesterday and my tank is in need of a top off will Walmart’s gv distilled water be ok to use to top off a few gallons I just don’t want any algae out breaks or anything from it. My lfs is a hr away didn’t want to make the trip today
  7. No and it’s in its only little place
  8. Ok so I have noticed a lot lately that my mushroom has had these strange little green peaces on its sides and sometimes on top and I’ve watched them go away before. Can anyone tell me what it is and if it’s normal
  9. What’s some other corals that can be high flow / med up top
  10. I’ve been doing some coral arranging to help make them happy can tell a big difference but not almost all are on the sandbed or bottom rocks what’s some good corals for upper tank rockwork been thinking maybe multicolor hammer but idk if it’s in the same boat As the frogspawn will only be happy at bottom been thinking about maybe red cap but don’t know exactly where I would put that
  11. Ok so I’ve had this purple hammer coral for maybe a month now maybe little longer and when I first got it it was nice and bushy about a week later it broke off it’s plug fell in the sand many times etc I had it on the rockwork till about a week ago I glued it back to its plug and placed it in the front of the tank in the sandbed now it’s tripled in size and possible split?this is the pic of when I first put it in sandbed
  12. Atm I’m in a fishless ich treatment cycle right now since dec 22nd
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