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  1. I had an LPS dominant 5.5g that I ran a prime on. Highest I went was about 65 but I used the acclimation mode starting at 35 for a month to reach that. Never had a problem and they seemed to love it. Light was about 18" from the bottom of the tank,
  2. Just tossed em all into a nuvo 10 and was relieved I didn't come home to a tank full of pissed off hammers haha. But it's nice to hear that they seem to react positively to the change. My light is 18" from the bottom of that tank with my settings so honestly it may not hurt to either move the light or crank things up a bit, just make sure to use the acclimation setting for a few weeks. If you're particularly inclined you could take your newest setting and find what percentage of that number your current setting is so when you use the acclimation mode you can set your starting point at your current setting. Once you've done this, or any change really, the best thing to do is just leave things be and let the corals adjust. It's so tempting to keep f***ing with things when results aren't happening as fast as we'd like. Just remember that these animals take a long time to adjust to these abiotic changes. Don't forget either that so many of our corals have spent a long time under artificial light. Some their entire lives. They're able to adjust to these changes if given the time! Hope at least something in there helps!
  3. Came home from work today to find some very happy corals, with the exception of the Acan I was having trouble with and the birdsnest (who is still pissed from being moved). I definitely may end up moving some things around or dialing back the flow a tad as the Duncan and trumpet are receiving a little more than I know they'd like but I'll give things a week or so to really settle before I dink with anything. Here are some quick pics I snapped. I'll take the time one of these days to sit down and try to snag some really good ones or maybe a little video to give a good feel for the movement in the tank.
  4. Interesting.. it is nice to hear that your acan is making a comeback though! Fingers crossed it keeps goin. I was extremely overwhelmed with all the possible LED settings for the prime but aftet some trial and error and an absurd amount of research I came to use these (I'll attach a pic). Cool white isn't used extremely readily by the corals and is usually more or less a visual preference. I keep my UV very similar to my blues. Every coral I've put in the tank has loved it so it must be working one way or another lol
  5. How's your acan doing? Mine was going solid for weeks and suddenly decided it hates everything and has shriveled up. Not dead just obviously pissed off. Everything else has been flourishing though. But I definitely think increasing light intensity would help. Depending on what you're running I would probably just bump everything up 5 or 10 save red and green. Unless you've already started rocking the AB+ lol
  6. Interesting! I'll give it a shot. I mean, at this point it's in the tank and I don't have much of a choice lol. I'm moving in July so if it's a disaster I'll just totally replace it. Let's consider this an experiment.. It does look nice with the rock I've got in there though and it really makes it almost impossible to see the epoxy. Corals move into the new tank tonight so I'll toss some pics up in the next day or two once things settle in.
  7. I'm REALLY diggin the new scape! It looks stellar!
  8. Not sure what you ended up going with but if I were you I would have put the island in its original place but have used a smaller rock. It would have allowed the entire scape to flow in almost a crescent shape. For whatever reason it seems slightly off with the island dead in the center. Regardless It looks great! I'd like to see it filled and stocked!
  9. I've heard similar complaints about the Tahitian moon so I'll definitely steer clear of that. I think I'll give the CaribSea Hawaiian Black a shot. Worst case scenario I just replace it when I move in a few months.
  10. Tank should be getting wet this weekend (knock on wood). Can't decide on substrate color. I've never gone with the black sand before but think it may look sick with the black rock as well... Or maybe it would detract from the scape. Any input? I need a push in one direction or another lol.
  11. I love that idea! I've got a bunch of broke. Pieces left over as I hammered the hell out of those rocks to break em up. I'll epoxy them on later!
  12. Thanks everyone! Glad I've created something that is worth looking at 😂 Here's my tentative scape for the nuvo 10. Low rock on right of the pic will be the hammers, in front of that will be a little zoa colony, the tall rock will hold the Monti cap somewhere along the back/side and the birdsnest on top. The trumpets will be the rock in the front left corner and who knows what I'll do with the acans yet. Thinking the Duncan will be attached to the bottom of the tall rock somewhere. Let me know what ya think 🙂
  13. I saw it yesterday and I almost pulled the trigger. It's about the perfect size for what I'd need too. Decided to wait though. I've got a nuvo 10 coming in a few days and my lfs helping me on the hunt for a real nice white/purple wartskin so I figured it would be best not to rush it. Thanks for the heads up though! I seriously appreciate it! Here's a fts for the hell of it lol
  14. Thanks! The angle is a bit deceiving and the birdsnest does stick out a bit further than it appears but I definitely need to figure something out for the front of that rock. Maybe I'll make a trip to my LFS this weekend. Glad you like my Euphyllia! They're definitely some of my favorite corals. Took me a while to get them placed where I'm happy with them.
  15. Still have my feelers out for a small wartskin angler. It'll happen eventually, no rush. In the meantime here's a pic of the tank. Currently housing a small maroon clown for a friend while he gets his new system up and running. Corals are kicking ass. The hammers are out here living their best lives. New growth is extremely apparent on the monti and the birdsnest, which is a relief because I wasn't too confident the birdsnest was going to spring back after the incident. The Acan has been doing well and coloring up decently, the Duncan has grown about 3 new heads in the last few weeks about the size of a nickel, and the candy cane has damn near doubled in size since I got him. After those emergency water changes I had one hell of a diatom bloom (surprise) but things are falling into equilibrium again. A Green Killing Machine, a little Purigen and a few water changes go a long way. Things are going well for now and I'm stoked on that. Still thinking I may add more corals but I'm picky so it hasn't happened yet. Thinking maybe a stylo or something similar for the front of the rock that holds the monti and birdsnest. Who knows. Come June I'll be making a pretty damn big move so I don't want to upgrade tanks before then. If you've made it this far through the post feel free to hit me with some suggestions!