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  1. Started the tank 12/14/18 Waterbox 10g Jaebo sw2 Ai prime Intank filter basket Chemi pure nano Purigen Filter floss Neo term heater Was also running a bag of carbon but stopped recently and the levels stayed the same. Would it be beneficial in any way to run carbon too? 2 clownfish - unknown mutants, the little one was fully submitted in 24 hrs of adding it. 1 fire shrimp 3 blue leg hermit crabs 2 Astrea snails 2 turbo snails Green Singulara leather - had it for about 60 days its shed its skin twice and has grown alot. Yellow Candy cane - This thing is bright yellow with no lights on! I changed my phome camera setting to 10k color temp (highest option) and the pictures came out pretty true to life, its still more yellow in person. Got it about 2 weeks ago with 4 mouths and it now has 6. Rainbow acan? - can anyone id? Unknown zoas Maintenance Use magnet to clean glass every morning Top off morning amd night 40% waterchange every Sunday -Syphon sandbed -Turkey baster rocks -syphon back chambers every few weeks (they stay really clean so i dont see the point. Change filter floss weekly Rinse chemi pure and purigen weekly The fire shrimp lost a claw shortly after being introduced but seems fine, eats the hikari pellets i give the clowns. I only feed the clowns hikari marine s pellets, is that bad? I scrapped all the coraline off the snails as i got them and coraline started popping up in places. The largest spot is almost a half an inch, its my pride and joy. Also what is the best thing to feed the candy canes and acan? I want to use reef roids but they say dont do reef roids with a new tank. If anyone has suggestions for another fish im all ears. Thought i was done but i think i want a blenny or something that can serve a purpose. Ideas for a more well rounded cleanup crew are also welcome.
  2. Bump so you know someone cares. Unfortunately i have no advise on the matter.
  3. I want to add a media basket or two to my waterbox 10 and also a chamber for chaeto. My question is what order should this go? Currently running filter sock in chamber 1. Chemipure blue nano, purigen, carbon and heater in chamber 2, then just thermometer and return in chamber 3. Here are the products im looking at, im getting a headache trying to figure out what to buy and what order this stuff goes, someone help. Haha Chamber 2 basket Chamber 1 basket Chamber 1 filter floss tray Also meet my new clown, "Michael Jordan" (2 spots on one side by tail, 3 on the other) It also has a perfect 7 and reverse 7 on the other side, but Michael Jordan is a better name cause hes the best clownfish in the game! Hahahaha
  4. Update: the clown is still alive and seems well. Swims around and always eats. The spot never got bigger but a little darker. Today i noticed that its getting smaller. Does anyone agree with the LFS guy that this was a cut from a rock?
  5. I like this tank alot, so cool to see the baby RFA's.
  6. I have the waterbox 10 and they sent me a matt for under the tank that is too small for the tank. I called to let them know and they say thats how they designed it. Their customer service was not helpful or pleasant.
  7. Showed the lfs guy a picture and said the white tags on the gills are normal and the lump looks like a cut from the rock. Stax rock have sharp edges and my tank has alot of flow. They told me not to use seachem prime and do waterchages. Today: ammonia 0-.25ppm nitrate 20ppm
  8. This is a pretty good description of what i just saw. But it wasnt all white, mostly brown. Ok ill be checking 2 times a day now. Are too many water changes possible in this situation? Wondering if u should be doing on almost every day.
  9. This is a pretty good description of what i just saw. But it wasnt all white, mostly brown. Ok ill be checking 2 times a day now. Are too many water changes possible in this situation? Wondering if u should be doing on almost every day.
  10. Update: there are little white tags between the gills and pectoral fins 😞 ammonia: 0ppm, nitrate 20ppm, ph 8. Going to get some seachem prime when im done with work. Any more suggestions?
  11. Dont have any, gonna go run and grab some. Thanks. Looking about the same, little skittish tho and he/she hasnt been at all. It did just gobble up all the food i gave it rather quickly just now. Hope thats a good sign. Any ideas on better filtration for the tank?
  12. The tank cycled for 3 weeks. It went from 2ppm ammonia to 0 3 days in a row. Guess i ahould have kept waiting. Ive looked at in from every kight and every angle as well as ask for third party opinions on the nitrate and ammonia colors.
  13. Ammonia is .25 ppm, ph is 8, nitrite 0, nitrates 40. I think i have been over feeding because the nitrates havent been this high. Running a filter sock, bio balls, and carbon. What should i have in the 2nd chamber? I did a 3 gallon water change last night before any of this happened, also just did another 2g water change just now.
  14. Yes, the store said they use copper. No white poo or stringy. Pretty normal poo
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