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  1. I don’t know what that is but I’m gonna be the first to say a pair of clowns and a bicolor bleny in a 13 gallon already seems fully stocked especially if you are having algae issues. I wouldn’t add anything else
  2. can you show a picture of the whole tank? The pipefish are really cool
  3. I haven't kept them but I think too much light might make the polyps retract.
  4. I don't have experience with either, but they both look good. The second one looks better and higher quality.
  5. Ok so I am in the process of piecing together my first reef, it's a standard 29 gallon and I found a deal on an Ai hydra 26 hd for $125 and it looks great over the tank. I was wondering what settings some of you guys and gals would recommend for some softies lps and maybe some beginner sps. Also idk a lot about acclimating corals any help would be appreciated. The last thing I need is an RODI unit and will start a build thread as soon as i get it. As always any help is appreciated!
  6. Ohh ok. I still can't wait to see the tank mature!!
  7. Can't wait to see this tank grow out. I would love pipe fish. in a future tank. If yours breed in your tank would you sell the babies?
  8. Can't wait to see your build! welcome to NR
  9. I haven't used it but i was looking at it for a while. I would maybe contact the company and ask what they recommend.
  10. I would put the lights at a lower percentage so they can adjust in case the lights at the store weren't as high intensity as yours. If you leave the lights on lower than normal and slowly ramp them over a couple days to adjust they should be fine. I think.
  11. welcome to the nano reef! I'm starting my first reef and I'm not going rimless. I'm using eggcrate as a top for the tank so I don't have any fish on the floor and the rims hold it in place great, but the look of rimless is pretty great. Can't wait to see your build.
  12. Nice build so far I'm at almost the same place as you and about to post a build thread. Do you think it's necessary to have the egg crate on the bottom? If so why?? I still haven't decided. Can't wait to see it with water.
  13. Looks like a duncan with a fish turd on it
  14. I like option one, three, and 6 the best!! post a pic of the tank plzz