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  1. I think all of those options would be super cool and I can't wait to see a FTS from your tank once it's stocked.
  2. So now the question is are you gonna do it? It would be awesome in my opinion.
  3. I don't know about that question that you just asked, but I do have one idea for you. You could possibly get rid of your HOB filter but you might want to keep it, and get an algae reactor. I just built a DIY one for $160 haven't put algae in, but I've heard they work great.
  4. I heard somewhere that someone on youtube had his/her pulsing xenia twisting.
  5. You could also try a pair of pipefish or if your into spending a lot on a fish you could spen 4 or 5 hundred on a golden dwarf moray eel.
  6. You could do a dwarf lionfish, a frogfish, a toby puffer, or if your into cryptic fish you could get a pair of radial file fish live aquaria gets them in divers den quite often and I'm pretty sure they ahve one right now. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get. I was in a similar position as you and I got a dwarf angel that's really cool.
  7. I believe ocean box designs has one that looks great.
  8. I just got a pearly jawfish about a week ago and he/she is great. When i first put her in the tank she hid until after the lights turned off. She built 4 burrows, and hides in the one ride in the front of the tank. I would get a turkey baster to feed it because they won't venture far from their burrow for food. Can't wait to see this build! Best of luck
  9. 1+ on salifert test kits
  10. Maybe your test kits are off. Also a water change never hurts so I would do one of those too.
  11. You ca have a tank without coral. They call them FOWLR tanks(Fish only with live rock). Personally I just don't think they look as cool. You don't need any special lighting for fish. I would watch a lot of youtube videos on saltwater tanks and ask yourself a few questions. What kind of fish do I want- different fish need more or less space. What size tank do you have space for What's your budget Do you have a LFS (local fish store) near you- you could ask them for advice.
  12. What size tank. The clowns could be getting territorial. Are they hosting any coral in your tank?
  13. I have the Ai hydra 26 hd and I love it. It would work great but might be a bit overkill.
  14. You could try just one rock at a somewhat vertical angle and have some negative space in the tank. if you like that kind of thing
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