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  1. frags for sale

    I have tried to pm you, but your mail box is full. Thanks, C
  2. This morning when I turned on my lights I noticed several of these half moon shaped things attached to the outside of my filter area and on some of my corals. This is the first time I have seen these. They kind of look worm like, but they are not moving or crawling just seem to be there. I just discovered the colpopods (sp?) this weekend, so I got a 6 line wrasse for those. But have no clue as to what these are and could they be harmful? Sorry for the lousy pictures, but this was as clear as I could get with my camera. FYI, I just bought some new corals this weekend..maybe came from them. Notice the half moon shaped things on the top of the gorganian kind of brownish-cream same thing here.
  3. My 4mth old nano cube

    yeah, I just burried him in the sand, this way he will stand up and look pretty..I just found out I have those copopods they are all over my sponge in my filter and on my rocks, so now I got the six line wrasse. I am getting rid of the two damsels and taking them to the tank at work. I really don't want too many fish and this way it keeps my bio load down for more pretty things!! Thanks for all your comments. Cindy
  4. My 4mth old nano cube

    I have just added some new family members to the tank this weekend. I think I'm finally finished stocking..except for some xenias then I will be done (for the most part)
  5. My 4mth old nano cube

    No I don't have that problem..just the red slime stuff....
  6. My 4mth old nano cube

    Thanks for your info about the slime. I DO have that expensive red slime stuff..didn't help..so save your $$'s. Specs are the original jbj, nothing new except the lights as mentioned above. 1 red star eagle eye zoo orange eye purple skirt zoo green zoo orange zoo 1 red, purple, mushroom 3 gree mushrooms 2 green hairy mushroom sun star polyps neon green star something or other 1 pink, orange, blue (looks purple to me) ricordia 1 red gorganian 1 pink leather 1 orange anomae (sp) 1 white feather duster 1 red open brain 1 pulsing zenia and 1 green something or other 2 damsels
  7. My 4mth old nano cube

    Thanks for all your praises. My water temp stays at 79-80 degrees. I will eventually get the fans installed. The lights I got from Aquadirect. I had to do a little trimming of the reflector. I have had the star from the beginning as well as the 2 damsels. I just got rid of my emerald crab..he was moving everything and twice a day I had to re-decorate the tank..got sick of it, so out he went. Star seems to be doing ok, I think he has enough algae to eat. I do have a problem with the red slime. I have used the "red slime" stuff and even did a water change 3 days ago and this stuff still comes back with a vengence. If someone knows of a permanent cure..I would be appreciative. I have only done 3 water changes since I got the aquarium up...was given the lecture of water changes by someone this weekend at our fish club...I have converted!!
  8. My 4mth old nano cube

    I have read lots of posts and seen lots of member's tanks and have ooohd and aaaghd at all of them. I am new to this hobby..horses and farm animals first..never thought I would get into "fish"!! Anyway here is my first attempt and I am mighty proud of my 12 gal jbj. By the way, the only thing I have upgraded to this tank is the lights, I have purchased a 56 watt 50/50 retro kit which fits under my hood. Thanks to all of you who have helped with all your posts. [/img]
  9. Uchiha's Nano-Cube

    Forget my earlier post...didn't notice the 4 pages DUH!!
  10. Uchiha's Nano-Cube

    I have the same tank and was wondering how you were able to get all that light in the lid? Thanks
  11. Lr?

    Hello everyone. I have been reading posts regarding new tanks and such. I guess I goofed after reading the "wait a month" thing before putting anything in your tank thing, but the fish place said all I had to wait was 4 days. Anyhoo, I have seen pictures of your alls lr with all the things growing on them after only 3 days. My tank is a week old and nothing even close to this has grown on my rocks. The only thing I see that is forming on my rock that is even close to yours is different colored coraline, like purple and green. No "fuzzy things". When I bought this LR it was in a tank filled with water already and more water being pumped into this tank and was probably in this tank for several weeks, maybe even months. Does this mean the rock had already went through the dying process? I also bought some of the rock they had in their display tanks that had alot of coraline on it. When I brought my water sample in for testing after 4 days, they said it was perfect and I could start adding small invertebrates and fish. I put in a pair of red coral (I think) shrimp, 2 damsels and a red star fish in. I checked the nitrate levels yesterday (after 4 days of the animals in the tank) and it was measured at 0.1. Fish store said I didn't need all the other testing equipment, that this was pretty much the only test I should be taking. What do I know..I put my faith in these guys!! THanks in advance for the input. P.S. have a 12g nano (could have shot myself and wished I had bought the bigger 35 gallon one I REALLY wanted..the fish store talked me out of it and said this would be a good starter tank for me)