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  1. Hi, After having this 8 gallon tank for half a year: I decided to upgrade. I wanted to have something a little more stable, space for frags and some more tech. So I planned out a new system and gave this to my tank-builder. It will be a cube with 45x50x40 cm (~18x19x16") that is connected to a sump 40x45x40 cm (~16x17x16") that will also serve as a frag tank with an ATO reservoir in the back. Below the sump there is some space for Dosing pumps and electronics. The scape will move in the next tank as it is now, with the same live stock. I like the scape and just want it to have some more space. I will probably add some corals and some fish. Right now I have mostly sps and lps corals one fire shrimp, one cleaner shrimp and a tail splot blenny called Fridolin. Also in future the focus will be on (sps-) corals My goal is to have more water volume since keeping alk stable was always difficult since consumption was changing a lot on a day to day basis making it cumbersome with the dosing pump. The goal is that I can leave the tank alone for at least one week without the need for somebody to take care of it. All in all the volume should be around 4 times more than before hopefully making it more stable. That's the equipment I will use: 1x Juwel 100W heater 1x Dennerle 50W heater 1x AI Prime HD 1x Tunze turbelle nanostream electronic 1x Aqua medic DC runner evo 1x Aqua medic reef doser evo 4 1x Tunze osmolator nano 1x Cheap Dennerle LED light for frag tank 1x DIY aquarium controller 1x PC fan controlled by aquarium controller I won't use a skimmer as I am always having troubles with too low nutrients, this gives me more space for coral frags in the sump. I plan to run activated carbon from time to time as I observed that sometimes growth would stall which I was able to solve with activated carbon, I assume it is because of toxins from the corals causing problems in such little volume. The overflow tubing will be 25mm and the return tubing 20mm. I will hard-plumb everything and also try to fit a small manifold to be able to also run a small DIY carbon reactor and whatever else I might want to run from just the one return pump. I opted for a rather powerful return pump for this tank to get some flow out of it and to run it on a slow level hoping that it will be more quiet and last longer than maxing out a smaller pump. Most of the parts I used already in the small tank, like for example my DIY aquarium controller based on an raspberry pi: The dosing system will be ATI nano essentials, I am using this right now and I am quite happy with it. It has two parts so I have two free channels left on the dosing pump in case I want to add something else. One thing I am thinking about at the moment is how to make the shelf below the sump save/waterproof/humidity-proof enough to have all the electronics in there. Any suggestions? Additionally I am wondering if I should run the frag tank light at night to keep pH more stable, or does this only make sense with refugiums? As I am changing my job I have one month of holidays before I start again in January, so my plan is to finish the majority of this build before Christmas and have it run already stable enough so I can visit my parents back in Austria for a couple of days. I will update as I go along. Cheers, Dominik
  2. I don't even use filter floss, I only have the tunze nano stream on the back for water movement no return pump. The corals were very bright before I started dosing and feeding a lot, now they start to color up, so I definitely think they don't like the low nutrient levels I would have without adding that much.
  3. Hi all, I have a 8 gallon cube running since may with mostly SPS. And my Nitrate and Phosphate consumption is really high. I feed 3 times a day and dose 3ppm NO3 (with a mix of MgNO3 and CaNO3) and 0.03ppm PO4 (KHPO4) per day, still the levels are 0 or only slightly above zero the next day. Since I started dosing NO3 and PO4 my SPS are growing pretty fast, but can they consume that much? I do not use a skimmer or any other filtration. Additionally, I dose ATI nano essentials, alkalinity consumption is around 1 dKH/ day. The rock is all live rock, so I don't expect that it is the cause for the high consumption. Except for some algae on the glass every couple of days, I don't see any algae growth. Also the macros on the rock are not growing. Here are my average values throughout last week and used tests: Alk: 7.5 (Hanna) Ca: 400 (Salifert) Mg: 1200 (Salifert) PO4: 0-0.01 (Hanna ULR) NO3: 0.5 (Salifert) Do you think that is just consumption from the corals? I attached a FTS so you can see how much coral I have. How much do your tanks consume? I am now dosing by hand and measuring daily, would you just set the dosing pump to dose 3ppm NO3 and 0.03ppm PO4 a day and only measure weekly? I am a little bit worried to do that since values would rise a lot if consumption suddenly stops. Another way would be to further increase feeding, could this have negative effects? I guess it will lead to more detritus? My livestock except corals: 1x Hermit crab 2x Turbo snails 1x Lysmata debelius 1x Lysmata amboiensis 1x Tail spot blenny Thanks for your input, Domi
  4. Hi all, I have a Montipora spongodes which had low polyp density when I got it (see pics), but now it is just covered in brown polyps. It is growing well and has nice polyp extention, but I would prefer to see more of the green flesh. My aquarium has 30 liters (8 gallons) and the light is a Dennerle LED with 16 watts and A Tunze 6040 wavemaker. I do not have a skimmer and dose ATI nano essentials, all the other corals look good. These are my water values: Alkalinity: 7.7 Ca: 430 NO3: 0.2 PO4 NN As you can see nutrients are low, I try to feed a lot, but they won't increase. I have the tank running since May. Thanks a lot for your input! Cheers, Domi
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