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    Nitrate and Phosphate consumption

    I don't even use filter floss, I only have the tunze nano stream on the back for water movement no return pump. The corals were very bright before I started dosing and feeding a lot, now they start to color up, so I definitely think they don't like the low nutrient levels I would have without adding that much.
  2. Hi all, I have a 8 gallon cube running since may with mostly SPS. And my Nitrate and Phosphate consumption is really high. I feed 3 times a day and dose 3ppm NO3 (with a mix of MgNO3 and CaNO3) and 0.03ppm PO4 (KHPO4) per day, still the levels are 0 or only slightly above zero the next day. Since I started dosing NO3 and PO4 my SPS are growing pretty fast, but can they consume that much? I do not use a skimmer or any other filtration. Additionally, I dose ATI nano essentials, alkalinity consumption is around 1 dKH/ day. The rock is all live rock, so I don't expect that it is the cause for the high consumption. Except for some algae on the glass every couple of days, I don't see any algae growth. Also the macros on the rock are not growing. Here are my average values throughout last week and used tests: Alk: 7.5 (Hanna) Ca: 400 (Salifert) Mg: 1200 (Salifert) PO4: 0-0.01 (Hanna ULR) NO3: 0.5 (Salifert) Do you think that is just consumption from the corals? I attached a FTS so you can see how much coral I have. How much do your tanks consume? I am now dosing by hand and measuring daily, would you just set the dosing pump to dose 3ppm NO3 and 0.03ppm PO4 a day and only measure weekly? I am a little bit worried to do that since values would rise a lot if consumption suddenly stops. Another way would be to further increase feeding, could this have negative effects? I guess it will lead to more detritus? My livestock except corals: 1x Hermit crab 2x Turbo snails 1x Lysmata debelius 1x Lysmata amboiensis 1x Tail spot blenny Thanks for your input, Domi
  3. Hi all, I have a Montipora spongodes which had low polyp density when I got it (see pics), but now it is just covered in brown polyps. It is growing well and has nice polyp extention, but I would prefer to see more of the green flesh. My aquarium has 30 liters (8 gallons) and the light is a Dennerle LED with 16 watts and A Tunze 6040 wavemaker. I do not have a skimmer and dose ATI nano essentials, all the other corals look good. These are my water values: Alkalinity: 7.7 Ca: 430 NO3: 0.2 PO4 NN As you can see nutrients are low, I try to feed a lot, but they won't increase. I have the tank running since May. Thanks a lot for your input! Cheers, Domi