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  1. Question. Anyone know what this clear film around my corals is? Looks like cacoon Type stuff.
  2. Pics of new corals... Did a 20% water change today. All is well, levels are awesome... things seem to be working as it should....
  3. Really less expensive ones or I got that pre black Friday deal... Ricordea mushrooms and rhodactis and I think toadstools..
  4. Hi, testing of water today was still great. No issues and everything seems stable. I ordered a master test kit so I can do more test for the corals as I'd like to expand in the future with more reef life. I included some cuc today. But don't think I got enough. Just picked up 5 small hermit crabs and 6 snails. I got a few test corals from the shop cheap pre black Friday sale... gonna see how they do as my starters. I will upload pics tomorrow.
  5. Hi, I got good led lighting that has a timer for sunrise and sunset... it's a set it and forget it :).. I also have 1 wave maker in the back mid tank and one long return that makes waves on waterline...
  6. Todays test.. still going good.. Rocks changing again and now my ships have some brown stuff... getting tooth brush to clean off ships... Slowly but surely things are happening... not sure if and when tank will cycle or if I completely missed it..
  7. I went to look at some corals that were suggested. They looked very nice. The shop asked how was my alkerline, calcium, and magnesium levels... ummm help... I have no idea... can someone please tell me something about this and the easiest and best way to solve it if I have an issue??
  8. Today's water test and my live rocks transitioning... this I a long long waiting game... just testing everyday is basically all I'm doing... just wondering is there anything I can do to speed things up a little?? I don't wanna miss out on black Friday sales 🙂
  9. Today's results.. Things looking good... Rocks are transitioning quickly..
  10. Today I changed my floss in the filter and water test still good... I am noticing my rocks turning brown in color.... is that part of the cycling process? Not sure what to make of it... Tomorrow I'm scheduled for partial water change..
  11. This morning water test results. Things looking really good and stable.
  12. Question, I have two smaller live rocks that were previously cycled. CN I put them in the tank? Would it be of any benefit? Or should I just leave the tank alone and just keep doing what I've been doing until I'm done cycling the tank??
  13. Update on water test.... things looking good...
  14. Just a morning update... partial water change completed... will let run for a few then will do a water test this afternoon...
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