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  1. When I bought it, it was one head, a fairly small frag even. Over the course of about 2 months it grew into this heart shaped form, where I thought it would eventually split. That is why I am kinda bummed out, cause I was kind of getting attached to this hammer. I am using my own RO/DI water, with a tds meter, which has been reading 0001 ever since I started using it. I figured the meter might have been wrongly calibrated, or the DI resin never really worked. Which has me wondering now, seeing as the phos is rather high. As for the salt, I am using Red Sea Coral Pro salt, bringing the mix up to 1.025 salinity. Currently only using a filter sock and no skimmer or anything, since the ones available to me do not fit (I tried the Hydor nano and the lfs said the Tunze 9001 won't fit either, in a waterbox cube 20 that is). Weekly to bi-weekly water changes, depending on alk/calcium levels. Not dosing anything atm. I'm guessing I might have been overfeeding (pellets, mysis and ocean nutrition flakes) a bit, since I had to get to know the eating habits of my Clowns, cleaner shrimp and CuC, which consists out of 3 Nerites, 1 Cerith, 3 blue legged hermits, which ate my other 2 ceriths, the little devils...I am holding back a bit on the feeding at the moment. That is about it when it comes to maintenamce and reef keeping habits atm. Hope this gives enough of an idea of my early stages of having a reef tank.
  2. I'm guessing it might have something to do with the phosphates. Flow towards the coral is on the lower end of the spectrum, alk swings shouldn't be too much of an issue, as I am doing regular water changes and don't have many stoney corals. As for lighting, I have a Prime HD on a customized AB+ schedule with lower intensity... However I am new to the hobby, so in all of those things I might be doing something wrong of course.
  3. So, the last couple of days, my Euphyllia is acting up a bit. I am not sure if it is not feeling well, or if it could be splitting or perhaps something else I am not aware of. What do you guys and girls think/suggest? This morning The afternoon As for parameters, only thing that is slightly elevated is my phosphate, since I am trying to balance out my chemistry some more. Other then that, my latest paramaters, before the water change last monday. ο»Ώ Ammoniaο»Ώ: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppmο»Ώ Nitrate: ~10ppm Phosphate: .35 PH: 8.1-8.2 dKH: ~10.5 Calcium: 460 Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 77 Could it be preserving energy? Is it dying? I don't see any little critters, nor brownish goo, or zooxanthellae being expelled or whatsoever. It's been doing this for about 3 to 4 days now. Did a 25% waterchange on monday, to see if that would help out, so far it seems not to. Other corals and livestock seem to be ok and active and I haven't changed anything particular lately. Curious what you guys think could be going on πŸ€”.
  4. Received my InTank chamber 1 media basket for the Cube 20 last Friday, nicely packaged and with a Swedish Fish, which was awesome, not to mention the InTank sticker! πŸ˜€ Tried to install the media basket yesterday, however, I have some trouble getting it in chamber 1. It seems like there are two edges inside chamber 1 on which the filter sock "holder" rests. I can't seem to get the media basket past these edges. Anyone else experiencing this problem, or am I doing something wrong? πŸ˜‡ The media basket itself looks and feels amazing, so kudos to you and your designers @StevieT, impressive work! Nevermind me, just looked at the Intank website and saw the image where you use a knife to cut these edges. Silly me...πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
  5. Will do @mcarroll! Thanks for the tip! I have watched quite a few of Jonathan Bird's videos last year. I used to dive, however I have been on a hiatus for about 15 years now. Hoping to find the time soon to pick it up again and because of that, I started watching his videos. πŸ™‚
  6. Apologies for the somewhat late reply @mcarroll, timezones and work got in the way πŸ˜ƒ. I have followed your advice and removed all the filtration material, except for the filter sock, cause I wasn't entirely sure if that had to be removed as well. I searched a few online stores over here for the dose-able nitrates, but haven't found any so far, but I haven't had them all yet, so I'll search some more tomorrow. Usually I would do a 25% water change tomorrow, however, based on your advice about the nitrates, I reckon a water change tomorrow might come a tad too soon? I will test for dKH and Ca, but I expect those to still be in the higher numbers, since I only have a little Monti frag, one smaller Euphyllia and small piece of Favites, which I forgot to mention earlier. When would it be wise to do WC? When Nitrates get too high? Or see if I can go from weekly to bi-weekly WC's and keep an eye on overall livestock health and behaviour? It's also quite reassuring to read I am making the same mistakes as most beginners. Guess I am the person who jumps in with both feet, however I try to stay grounded all the while, instead of going open waters immediately, so to say. Eutrophication sounds logical in that way and I am going to read up on that some more later this weekend. I'll see if I can follow up the results of the above mentioned changes in my Journal, seeing as this thread is mainly about the Digitata. Would you mind if I'd mention you in that thread? Gonna try and update the journal anyway this weekend, it is way too " empty" at the moment and I had such great plans for keeping track of the aquarium in there!
  7. Thank you for the reassuring and, again, elaborate explanation and feedback! As a beginner, I really appreciate that! I am starting to think adding Chemipure Blue and Purigen so early wasn't the best idea, eventhough the intentions were alright. Before I actually started the reef tank, I did quite a lot of research for a couple of months. And nitrates, phosphates seemed to be the bane of the reef keeping hobby. Leading to me, as a beginner, trying to prevent high levels of both... Which means I am currently using both Chemipure Blue and Purigen, together with a filter sock (soon to be an InTank media basket with filter floss). No skimmer or refugium yet. Skimmers hardly fit the Waterbox 20, or at least not without a lot of resonance from the pump vibrations. I have been considering a refugium for a while now, however I haven't made the preparations fkr it yet. All of this in a 20g Waterbox Cube, with about 20 pounds of CaribSea dryrock and Arag-alive sand. The tank has been up and running since november last year and the cycle being finished mid-december. Hopefully this gives enough of an image as to how I am currently running my nano-reef. I am eager to learn and change whatever is needed to provide the livestock, consisting out of; two clownfish, a skunk cleaner shrimp, assorted snails and hermits, some GSP, a rhodactis mushroom, hammer coral and the Monti, with the best environment possible. So thank you once more for helping me out!
  8. Thank you for the helpful and elaborate reply @mcarroll! I received my phosphate testkit from Salifert yesterday and tested the water. I was kinda shocked with the result though, it being ~0.30ppm. (that is if I am reading the testkit and color right) So I guess I am going to do a large waterchange tommorow and look into bringing the PO4 down. Normally I do weekly waterchanges of about 25-30% and I feed fairly light, or I'd like to think. Perhaps it has to do with the tank being fairly young as well. I don't have any reactors or anything, since the nano's sump is quite small and I haven't looked into external reactors yet. Then again, this is what I like about my journey into the reef aquarium hobby so far, the many challenges and looking for solutions. πŸ˜ƒ
  9. @Daniel91 thank you for the feedback! And wow, your Digitata looks amazing! Really love the color combination!
  10. @uwdanno haha, yeah, that's the kind of unhappiness I'd like to avoid 😝. Thanks though!
  11. Thank you for the confirmation and giving me a frame of reference @WV Reefer, I am glad things look alright and I'll try to improve things some more. All the while keeping the "less is more" motto in mind @pgrVII πŸ‘.
  12. I recently got my first SPS frag, a blueish Montipora Digitata. Now, with my other corals, I could get a decent enough idea if they were happy or not concerning flow and lighting for example, because their response was quite obvious and quick (Euphyllia and Rhodactis for example). However, this being my first SPS, I am not so sure, so I figured I'd make a small thread, hoping you guys and girls could help me out. As for my parameters, I measured these this morning and the frag is in my system for about a week; Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: ~3ppm Phosphate test kit is on its way PH: 8.2 dKH: 11.3 Calcium: 475 Lighting: AI Prime HD on a somewhat customized AB+ schedule and on an acclimation period until February 23 Flow: return nozzle and Aqamai KPS Left side view right side view Close up (crop) where the polyps seem to extend the most I am not entirely sure yet about the placement, because I see a lot of shading/dark sides on the frag, which is a result of the shape as well. I am also wondering if I could accidentally burn it, having it so high up on the rocks, that's why I put the Prime on an acclimation period though. Last but not least, my apologies for the quality of the images. They were made with my phone, yet I am looking to buy a filter and magnifier soon, because I really enjoy taking pictures of the frags and how they're evolving/growing. What do you guys and girls think? Polyp extension alright, or no? Anything I could or should change, any feedback is much appreciated! Bonus question, is it normal to tweak that much in the early stages of having a reef aquarium? I just can't seem to let it be, instead, I am wondering if the light schedule is alright, what about the placement of the frags....Flow, wondering if the return nozzle is aimed alright and the KPS schedule is decent enough....Oooh, how about the turnover rate? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ (I am really enjoying it though, don't get me wrong, haha!)
  13. I saw the mail when I woke up this morning, awesome! πŸŽ‰ Just placed an order for the Cube 20, first chamber media basket. Great way to start off the weekend!
  14. @Joevember & @mattitheowl Thank you for your honest and kind replies! Guess that is my idea as well. When I started reading about keeping a reef aquarium, back in 2018, I never read much about where exactly all the corals and fish actually came from. Seeing the decline in natural reef health, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef (and other ones as well) and general trouble the marine ecosystems seem to have, I assumed most of the livestock would be aquacultured. So after receiving my first coral, last week, I started thinking and wondering where it came from. Finding out it came from the ocean, was kind of a shocker. But had me wondering if I were the only one seeing it like that. Now knowing this, I will keep it in mind when I go look for new corals and will contact the vendor/importer beforehand, because they also sell many aquacultured corals. On a side note, do you guys perhaps now of any projects concerning the well being of the oceans? Say for example, where the aquaculture corals and return them to the reefs? I'm from Europe, but still, I'd love to read up on them and learn about how they try and help out our seas.
  15. Hello fellow reefers. I may have a somewhat ethical question for you. Recently I bought a gorgeous, small, piece of Euphyllia paraancora. Being curious where it came from, I contacted the retailer. A well known, European store. They were very helpful and honest in there answer, saying that the coral came from the sea, instead of a coral farm or aquacultured frag system for example. Now, I am very new to the hobby and guess I have to get used to the idea of corals gathered from the seas. However, I do care greatly for our oceans and their fragile ecosystems and I am wondering how the Nano Reef community thinks about this. The thing is, being so new, I have not met many fellow reefers yet to swap or buy frags. I have visited several (inter)local LFS's and I can't say that their livestock and aquariums looked healthy and well cared for. The online retailer on the other hand received many great reviews and my experience with them so far is really great. The packaging is awesome, everything I ordered was alive and well and they were very helpful and responsive as well. So, here is a penny for your thought(s) πŸ™ƒ, please let me know how you think about this and if I am overly concerned or if my worries are justified.
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