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  1. My clove polyps have closed up since they have been on them, so I don’t think they would be weak against themselves. And I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of these in the tank before I ever added clove polyps Thanks, I’ll research this when I have a little more time.
  2. I might agree, but they are all over the place in random spots. On the rockwork and my clove polyps, Kenya tree, and toadstool. All of which are now struggling.
  3. I have some tiny Aiptasia looking growth in my tank. Some are attached to my star clove polyps which have been shriveled for weeks now. They are really small, like 2mm across. Also have a Kenya tree that’s struggling with these attached. Everything I research points to Aiptasia, but these look much smaller than what I’m seeing for reference. They are also an orange color.
  4. Okay I looked them up and see what you’re talking abkut. I thought that was calcium carbonate buildup. Good to know! They’ve definitely multiplied a lot over the existence of the tank. They are all over my rockwork and back panel.
  5. I’m unsure of the worms, because I don’t see what you see but I’ll post a pic of my tank tomorrow. When the lights come on.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I was freaking out for a little bit there.
  7. So I have these egg-like sacs attached to the side of chamber 1 in my biocube 29. I have no idea what they could be. I have no fish, 1 coral banded shrimp, 5 red leg hermits and a turbo snail, 1 squamosa clam. I have mixed corals; pollicipora, Xenia, clove polyps, Montipora, zoas, goniopora, gsp, brain maze, toadstool. Temp: 80 SG: 1.026 pH: 8.4 ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: <10 kH: 9-10 Calcium: 420 i protein skim and use a uv sterilizer. Filtration is floss, purigen, phosguard, chemipure elite. Water change 30% every week using ro/di water and instant ocean. Tank has been running for about 6-7 months. I have noticed excess detritus buildup in the chambers lately. Not sure what these buggers are. Please help
  8. It’s directly in the center of the photo. Blended in fairly well.
  9. Thank you for that info! I ended up pulling it out with tweezers and haven’t seen any regrow the YET. I love the look of Caulerpa and wish I could keep it if it were to stay under control, but I’m not looking to weed my tank on a regular basis.
  10. I have looked on their site and I can’t take a photo at the moment. I get the configuration of the lights with color and all that, but I’m just curious of the actual output and intensity so I can use those numbers for reference.
  11. Sorry about the photo. My camera only seems to pick up those blues. My lights don’t dim unfortunately. But for some reason when I screenshot a video the whites appear. So here’s a better photo. I’ve always liked the look of caulerpa, I just don’t want it covering every inch of my tank and taking hold in all my rock work.
  12. But does anyone know the actual specs on these lights? I’m not finding much.
  13. It seems to have a root system like caulerpa, but the ‘leaves’ aren’t that typical feathery look that caulerpa usually has. They are solid and rubbery like kelp
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