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  1. Hello everyone!!! I'm having a little bit of an issue with my snowflake RBTA, at first my issue was that it was closed up halfway for about a week, but thanks to some rather helpful folks at reef2reef as well as my lfs we determined that the problem was my high salinity as well as the fact that I had dosed my tank with melafix. and since that problem has been solved a new one has popped up. So basically at this point I did a big water change and put some carbon into my filter to remove the melafix, this was this Thursday, and my anemone has started opening up, however now the issue is that he's visible shaken up, that meaning he is extremely small as well as the fact that he has lost two of his tentacles so far, and the majority of the rest are very stringy and spindly, at the time of writing this the nem is no larger than a dollar coin but he is still anchored to the rocks which I know is a good sign. Is there anything I should do or should I just let this lad be and let him recover on his own. Any feedback is extremely helpful!! And if needed I can give any pictures/additional information
  2. they were called Panama Jack Zoas at the LFS, but after doing my own research I can't find anything under that name. Think anyone could help me out? note the Zoas are on the top left, and with one of the pictures I was using UV sunglasses. The other Zoas I have are the Eye of Rah as well as Utter Chaos
  3. Thanks for the help! I left them there overnight and in the morning they were happily together! Thankfully ^~^
  4. And in case anyone is wondering this is what my tank currently looks like (it's a small 9 gallon Eheim cube)
  5. So I have a little ORA premium snowflake clownfish that I lovingly named Holli and she's been doing absolutely amazing, she's got an amazing personality. I also got a large green bubble tip anemone with the idea of them pairing, after a week of trying different methods I finally put the two in a breeding container earlier today and now she's showing signs of going in, did I finally do it?! For the past hour she's been poking her head under the nem and on occasion darting in and out of it, shes also slowed down drastically (when I got her she was flying around the tank like there was no tomorrow) I'd love to know what your opinions are ^~^
  6. Probably, it's a dark green almost black. It looks almost gelatinous and it has air bubbles trapped under it
  7. So, some weird looking algae has appeared in my tank and I have no idea what I should do to get rid of it
  8. the tank has been up and running for just over a month I believe. The spots are very fine and white, they could just be sand I'm not sure I'll post a picture of it when I get out from school.
  9. Alright so, in my first post I talked about how my Helfrichi firefish was acting strange and was having ripped fins. well I solved the problem by removing the goby and pistol shrimp. But now a new problem has arrived... Now his tailfin and his top and bottom fins are even more ripped up than before, and they've been acting extremely odd, staying near the top of the tank only to dart down to the sand and rub their head against it. I also still find them behind the filter sometimes at night. And on top of all of this I believe I'm starting to see a few white spots form on their sides. Someone help me because honestly I'm at a loss as to what I should do.
  10. I'll ask the people at my local fish store to get their opinions before I decide to buy it, from what I can tell they're expensive
  11. Ah okie, then is there anything you'd recommend for a small tank that would be compatible with a Firefish?
  12. Cool! I'll see if I can order one in sometime soon, I think I heard somewhere that they could also pair with pistol shrimp. Is that true? Also would it be compatible with the Firefish?
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