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  1. What's your magnesium at? From what I've read, that has a stabilizing effect on calcium and alk. Also would it be possible to take a sample to a LFS to confirm that your test kit is reading correctly?
  2. 2 month old nuvo fusion. Currently fallow while fish in QT. That acan and candy cane are coming off the frag plugs and being secured to the rock work this weekend Nuvo 10 day 15. Cycle just completed, algarbarn order arrives tomorrow. First bits of life going in this weekend
  3. Phew! It sucks that your heater failed, but at least it didn't heat the water to the temperature of the sun!
  4. Merry Christmas Joe! I like all of those suggestions you made for a coral to add to the sandbed. You can also consider adding a GSP rock on the sandbed as well. Just make sure it isn't near your other rock work so the GSP can spread beyond its island
  5. Thanks Joe! I hope so too. This morning I noticed more pin head sized white dots on the male, but nothing on the female. He didnt seem to be struggling any and its only been 2 days at therapeutic copper levels. I'll keep you updated! I hope the spot on your clown is just some minor inflammation and goes away on its own! Just keep an eye out and if it starts to spread, QT your fish
  6. Its been a little while since my last update, so I though I'd post some good news and bad news. The good news is I picked up a purple hammer frag and it is looking nice and happy as are most of my zoas. The rastas zoas dont stay open all day so I'm not sure whats going on there, but I'm seeing a few baby zoas popping up on the other frags. My trochus snails are still cruising around the tank and I added a couple of nassarius snails. I have only seen one pop out of the sand one time since I put them in though. The hermits have started changing to different shells that I have added to the aquarium. Not sure if i saw one that expired or a molt last night though. my numbers are still looking great as far as calcium, alk, mag, ph. phosphates and nitrates are still undetectable with my red sea kit. Now on to the bad. I noticed my smaller black snowflake clown had a single white dot on his fin a week ago. well it was a bit concerning but it went away on its own. a couple days later I noticed a few more spots were back so I decided to quarantine both of them even though the female hadn't shown any signs and both were eating like pigs and active. From what I've read, brook kills super fast so I decided to treat this as ich. Set up a 10 gallon petsmart tank with a seachem ammonia badge, hob, heater, lid, a 3" pvc elbow and about a third of my marine pure gems in the hob and over a 2 day period dosed cupramine up to a 0.5 concentration as per my salifert copper test. their 30 day copper treatment ends on January 17th. My nuvo 20 cannot have fish in it until March 2nd. So it looks like I lost this gamble and will not be making that mistake again! Lessons Learned: even though the LFS may run their livestock through copper treatments, it may or may not be at therapeutic levels. Quarantine! Quarantine! Quarantine! a $40 topfin 10 gallon kit from petsmart and a $3.26 pvc elbow and $7 ammonia badge is well worth the investment for nano sized fish Now to end on a more positive note, this has prompted me to begin my bedroom nano I have ordered the following parts Nuvo 10 Cobalt MJ 1200 (wanted to try something new this time around. May end up swapping it and the Sicce 1.0 in the nuvo after a good bleach and scrub) IM spinstream 75w cobalt neotherm heater Micmol Aqua Mini Light 10lbs carribsea special grade Intank floss holder Intank refugium basket IM Chaetomax refugium light Autoaqua Smart ATO 2 quart Marinepure 1.5" spheres Some left over dry rock that I didnt use in my nuvo 20 100ml biospira
  7. Looks great! How are you liking the light?
  8. Small update. The bryopsis is gone except for one tiny patch on a large grain of sand. I ordered some spinstreams and the overflow guards. One of my trochus snails has blocked them every night at about 12-1am just long enough to turn my ATO on and when he moves, the water level raises and it sets off the alarm. Hopefully those guards stop that lol! Also here is a picture of the start of my zoa garden and a current FTS during dusk
  9. Nice! And very nice little set up! I just started stocking my nuvo 20 in my living room and keep thinking about a nuvo 10 for my bedroom lol. I ended up using the stock IM screen frame but replaced the screen with BRS 1/4" clear mesh and it works perfect for me
  10. The bryopsis is really dying back today on day 4, so I put my skimmer cup back on and set it to dry skim. I figure it cant hurt to pull some of that out now since I have 10 days to go until my next water change. I also added 4 dwarf blue legged hermits today who immediately started going to town on the bryopsis wreckage. My LFS is having a coral sale this month too. 10% off of all corals and buy one get one in their $30,$20,$10 frag tanks. I may have picked up a rasta frag and an unknown zoa frag (its got a neon green center and purple skirt) I also toyed around with my phones camera setting a bit. Let me know if these look better to you guys
  11. Today is day 3 of fluconazole being in my system. So far no effects on my clownfish, trochus snails, zoa frag or even my pod population. Now the bryopsis population is a different story. Theres already some die off and recession, but a few other areas that are still pretty deep green. Hopefully those spots start dying off soon. I'll probably pick up a few more snails and maybe some hermits this week. Also I am getting very nice green coraline algae forming on my rockwork and specks of purple showing up as well
  12. oh yeah! massive improvement! you will not be disappointed and it was super easy to install. 4 screws, put the white reflector in (make sure you check orientation) and screw them back on. the diffuser is held in place with 4 magnets so you can remove it easily for maintenance
  13. I was running max growth setting at 40% without the diffuser. I bumped it to 50% with the diffuser. Visually to me it looks about the same but I need to borrow a par meter and get some readings. Here's some comparison photos without and with the diffuser
  14. Just finished weekly maintenance and rewarded myself with a diffuser for my Radion XR15. The visual quality improvement is quite pronounced! Like I think the diffuser should be included in the package right from the factory. Here are my aquariums chemistry readings post water change Phosphate: 0 (undetectable on red sea pro kit. maybe time to invest in ULR Hannah checker) Nitrate: 3 (color was between 2 and 4) PH: 8.2 Calcium: 430 Alkalinity: 8.1 Magnesium: 1360 Fluconazole arrived today and will be going in tonight after lights out. I had to keep telling myself this at my LFS because they had a very nice piece of rock with rasta zoa's and a bit of a green lepto on it as well